Entrepreneur Rachel Has Built a Health Tech Business Difrent


The 21st century has been one of positive changes toward equality. While the road hasn’t been smooth, there are still statistics to celebrate. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, “as of March, there were 74 female CEOs employed at America’s 500 highest-grossing companies, up from 41 in June of 2021.” This isn’t even to mention the number of female CEOs in smaller companies, from startups to organizations that are on the rise. With women at the helm, many corporations are ushering in a fresh new chapter.

One of these smart and resilient C-level professionals is Rachel Murphy. She is an entrepreneur who built a UK-based health tech business known as Difrent. According to their website, Difrent designs, builds, and runs user-centered digital services across healthcare and government. The company was initially set up to provide recruitment services but later became a professional services business providing these valuable services for public organizations. Establishing this took some time but it improved people’s lives drastically. Difrent was able to build and run several national health services while providing various jobs in the field.

Once Difrent started accomplishing major goals, Rachel had the opportunity to sell it after only 1000 days. Due to the organization’s impressive impact, she negotiated a remarkable deal of £13.2m. Being able to close a deal like this was possible due to the value she brought to the company via her vision. One of her main goals has always been making a common person’s life easier by making healthcare services digital and more attainable. This is exactly what she set out to do and ultimately has accomplished.

While building a notable business, she has earned a name for herself as well. Rachel won an award for CEO of the Year in 2020. Her success began to be recognized when highlights like this started to occur often in her career. She has been shortlisted for Inspiring Fifty across Europe awards in mid-June 2022 as well.

Rachel also had the honor to meet Hilary Clinton in London during an intimate awards dinner. She takes immense pride in everything that she’s been able to accomplish in these few years. Her determination and passion for what she does is inspiring. Rachel spends a lot of her time writing a book that covers her journey of building and selling Difrent successfully.

Throughout her journey, Rachel has learned that success takes its due course in time but the way you handle setbacks is a reflection of your true character. The hard work and her empathic soul have helped her become who she is today.

Fearless and passionate women like Rachel are role models for many women across the globe. Her journey is extremely inspiring for many young women who are still struggling to find a place in this world. She strongly believes that anyone can achieve their goals if they are willing to work with true dedication, passion, and belief in their abilities. Rachel now serves as a leader in a company called Careology, which has ambitions to expand internationally.

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