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Meet Nathalie Dahners, the Multi-talented Model Making Her Mark


Nathalie Dahners (also known as Nathalie Dahn) is a German-American international model. The New York trained model has worked with a number of top organizations and brands. She has modeled in numerous shows across the country, including New York Fashion Week, and appeared on magazine covers including Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, L’Officiel, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan, among many others.

Nathalie started her modeling career after being scouted in Berlin. But she first chose to focus on completing her studies before making a move. Nathalie was fortunate enough to have people who believed in her potential and pushed her to conquer her fears. Before she knew it, she was walking New York Fashion Week, and since then, it has been success after success.

Before traveling to New York to pursue modeling, she studied business and management in Berlin. Nathalie also studied acting in New York, a career that she still enjoys. While still modeling, Nathalie has been establishing a career in the real estate industry. Building a real estate portfolio in New York City and subsequently with the Super Luxury Group in Miami, where she is currently based, is essential for Nathalie. It gives her a great sense of stability. Nathalie is leveraging her skills in social media marketing and her network and connections acquired through modeling to grow and expand her presence in real estate.

Though she is optimistic about a prosperous career in the industry, Nathalie knows that becoming an expert in the field and learning a new area and geography to succeed in the industry can be challenging. Real estate is a competitive sector, and like modeling, the amount of energy you put into your current project is the amount of success you will get out of it.

Currently living her dream, Nathalie’s major drive is to help inspire others to reach their goals and live their dream lives. She wants to lead by example through sharing her story to impact the lives of others that anyone can achieve what they believe in.

Nathalie has also worked for the Beauty for Freedom charity, which aims to help and empower survivors of human trafficking and at-risk youth. One of the organization’s focuses is strengthening survivors’ self-esteem to find their voice and express themselves freely.

Along the way, Nathalie became a role model for young girls who strive to achieve similar goals. This has been one of her most significant successes, especially seeing the many lives she has impacted positively. Nathalie believes that everyone has a unique perspective, and she wants to be a support and speak out for these girls to help them find themselves and their goals.

“I have always followed my dreams, no matter what stood in my way. Including, but not limited to, moving to New York, signing contracts with agencies, and landing the covers of the best magazines in the world,” Nathalie explains.

Nathalie envisions herself transitioning into becoming an author and life coach as she has a deep passion for psychology. She would love to write a book in the future, sharing more tips about success. The objective is to get as many people as possible to believe in their potential and chase their dreams.