Face of Jules CEO, Jules, on her Entrepreneurial Journey and Disrupting the Aesthetics Market with a Holistic Approach


While entrepreneurship is widely seen as a desirable profession, regardless of the industry, this was not always the case. Throughout history, generation upon generation was taught to secure a stable job, earn their pension, and stay there until they are ready to retire. However, as technology advances, employees are presented with new opportunities to pursue their dreams and become their own bosses.

Of course, the entrepreneurial life is not for everyone, however, there has been a drastic increase in entrepreneurship over the last few decades. This increase is most likely underreported considering the number of individuals who are dissatisfied with their jobs and have not had the chance – or do not have the courage – to jump into entrepreneurship yet.

The invention and maturation of the internet are responsible for some of this dramatic increase in entrepreneurship. With new ways to communicate with potential customers, brand a business, as well as sell products & services online there is more online infrastructure than ever for entrepreneurs to start their dream business. Now, with even more power to connect people over shared interests and facilitate e-commerce opportunities, the prevalence of social media is accelerating these trends in entrepreneurship.

Now, entrepreneurship is a highly-coveted and visible profession since many entrepreneurs have become celebrities due to their social media presence. This is a positive phenomenon overall as more people are breaking the mundanity of their lives and taking control of their destinies; further, consumers can find hyper-specific products and services as well as follow these entrepreneurs for sources of inspiration, support, and education. Additionally, these trends have further accelerated during the pandemic as people are spending more time in front of screens as well as are reconsidering their professional decisions.

The CEO of Face of Jules, Jules, is a veteran entrepreneur in the aesthetics space. Having pursued her entrepreneurial journey in order to help people find confidence and happiness by bringing health and balance to thousands of compromised complexions. Jules is now a paradigmatic holistic aesthetics practitioner as well as a successful entrepreneur. New entrepreneurs would do well to learn from her story, mainly her ability to trust her gut, take risks, and disrupt the status quo.

No stranger to the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey, Jules has been through it all as an aesthetics entrepreneur. However, before she became the founder and CEO of a widely popular and Hollywood-favorite skincare business, Face of Jules, Jules took a risk, put in the work, and built an empire from scratch.

Growing up in the small town of Temecula in Southern California, Jules moved to Los Angeles, specifically the Hollywood area, to pursue beauty, skincare, wellness and aesthetics at a very young age. Unlike most people who move to Hollywood to get into show business, Jules had the explicit intention of pursuing her dreams of breaking into the aesthetics world. Simply taking the risk to move out of her hometown and pursue her passions, Jules was already on the right path without evening knowing it.

As Hollywood is home to the highest number of stars, celebrities, models, and influencers in the world, the beauty industry is highly competitive. It is very important for people in show business to have clear skin, especially on their face, since they partially rely on their looks for their livelihood.

Working at a wide variety of high-end aesthetics practices and dermatology offices, Jules received a first-hand lesson in the competitive aspects of this business. Despite the intensity of the industry, Jules worked her way up and out of every position she held as an employee.

Along her journey, Jules did have one employer at a holistic wellness center who mentored her on the values of a holistic approach to aesthetics and skin care. While Jules’s boss at this job was extremely pivotal in teaching her how healthy diets, supplements, and lifestyles are just as important to healthy skin as aesthetics services and skincare products are.

During this time, Jules received a crash course in operations & management in addition to world class lessons in holistic aesthetics. Taking the best of what she learned over the course of her career, Jules eventually decided to embark on a new chapter of her life — entrepreneurship.

While Jules’s first risk, leaving her hometown to pursue aesthetics in Hollywood, had already paid off as she had a career in the industry of her choice, her second risk would be even more rewarding.

Trusting her gut once again, Jules founded Face of Jules in order to provide quality holistic aesthetics services to anyone with a variety of skincare issues. After a small investment from her father enabled Jules to purchase a highly sought after state-of-the-art machine to perform various aesthetics services, Jules began operating out of a high end doctor’s office in Beverly Hills. Fairly quickly, the Face of Jules practice began to outgrow the space. Jules was able to grow a flourishing business, due to her holistic approach to aesthetics and skincare — educating clients on healthy diets and lifestyles.

After about 1.5-2 years of sharing office space, Jules was finally able to open up her own studio. With the freedom to curate and operate out of her own space as well as offer more services, Jules has been able to continue to grow her practice. Eventually, Face of Jules became so successful, Jules needed help managing all of the new appointments and rush of clientele. With the best problem to have as an entrepreneur, Jules found herself interviewing for people to help her expand her holistic health care business. Taking a chance on someone new to the industry, who aligned with Jules’s values, Jules and her small team have been innovating in the Hollywood aesthetics business for over five years now

Emphasizing cutting-edge & world-class esthetic services as well as educating clients on healthy diet & lifestyle choices that they can make to support their skincare journey, Face of Jules is a true disruptor in the marketplace.

Face of Jules offers all of the premier aesthetics services to help promote healthy skin such as microdermabrasion heals, chemical peels, oxygen therapy, ultrasound facials, PRP micro-needling, and a really popular service known as DMK Enzyme. The most popular service offered at Face of Jules, however, is Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a high-end shaving of the face that helps skin feel fresher, look younger, and absorb products better.. Dermaplaning is an incredible and quick exfoliation procedure where a fine point blade that is held at a 45-degree angle glides across the epidermis or top layer of the skin, removing all of the dead skin cells. This extremely gentle yet effective exfoliation measure also removes unwanted peach fuzz on the skin – which women experience as they get older. Further, the exfoliated skin can absorb moisturizers, serums, and other products better; if one has dead skin on their face, skincare products sit on top of the dead skin and never actually get absorbed in a deep or meaningful way, regardless of the quality of the product. Further, people in Hollywood love dermaplaning because the exfoliated skin is also able to better absorb makeup, which is heavily used in film & television.

As mentioned, Face of Jules prides itself on its emphasis on a holistic approach to skincare. Going beyond providing aesthetics services and recommending skincare products, the Face of Jules team is changing people’s lives – as well as disrupting the market – by helping people clear up their skin permanently, getting to the root cause of their issues. Jules along with her team educate all of their clients on how diet is an integral part of a sustainable skincare journey.

Jules understands that the cause of many people’s skin issues is actually due to poor diets, internal inflammation, hormonal imbalance, or even food allergies. This is partially why Jules recommends that her clients immediately cut out the top inflammatory foods those being gluten, dairy, and sugar. Many times, just by removing these three types of food from one’s diet, Jules’s clients see an immediate improvement in their skin – as well as their mood and confidence as a result! Further, Jules also recommends that her clients take anti-inflammatory supplements like turmeric, a special algae called astaxanthin, and vitamin c. Jules also recommends that her clients take supplements aimed at improving gut health like probiotics. Of course, Jules tells all of her clients that any supplement they take needs to be plant-based and not synthetic. Finally, Jules is a big fan of the medical medium who eloquently writes about the prevalence and dangers of heavy metals in our food and in our bodies; this is why Jules also recommends that her clients start each day with a 16-32 ounce glass of celery juice.

With her holistic and disruptive approach to aesthetics and skincare, making use of world-class practices and healthy foods, Face of Jules has helped change thousands of people’s skin whether they struggled with acne, psoriasis, broken capillaries, eczema, hyperpigmentation, or more. Jules’s passion for aesthetics and skincare has only grown since starting her practice as she has seen multiple clients cry with joy upon clearing up their skin and profess how life-changing the Face of Jules’s regimen has been for them. Every time this happens, it is a transformative experience for Jules, resonating with her at her very core.

Now, Jules is focused on hiring more help to free up her time to start a skincare line of her own. While Jules loves her day-to-day obligations as the actual specialist performing these services for her clients, Jules believes that she can help more clients – and grow her business to new heights- by creating various skincare products in line with her holistic philosophy.

As Jules and the Face of Jules brand have been successfully transforming lives with their holistic approach to aesthetics and skincare, we cannot wait for the Face of Jules branded skincare product line to be released. For more information visit the practice’s website or follow them on Instagram for updates.

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