How Anthony DeGalbo Founded a Multi-Million Dollar Education Company


The democratization of access to various industries, including stock and options trading, was one of the major promises of technology. At first glance, it seems like this technological advancement, including automated programs, platforms, and applications, is accomplished by reducing the entry bar for entrepreneurs and eliminating the need for due diligence and education. However, according to Anthony DeGalbo, this may not result in true democratization in the long run.

Anthony is a successful entrepreneur and founder of OnlyOptionsTrades, one of the top options trading teaching programs online. Anthony established the platform to focus on going against the hyped tech-driven trading options, opting for an instructional approach. This was a bold move in a sector where other younger platforms offer investors AI-automated products or plug-and-play options.

With a clear focus on what he wanted to achieve, Anthony engineered the platform’s unique approach of hosting consistent live classes throughout the week. This exceptional strategy has since won the company many admirers and customers as it places education first and profits second. This also makes it easy for relatively new companies to establish their presence in the industry.

According to Anthony, anything that claims to be democratized must place greater emphasis on the individual. It must also present them with much more control. However, this does not take away from the fact that automated systems can effectively provide returns, but the seasoned expert traders behind them are often the leading cause of their success. But if investors continue ignoring the power of education first, more and more power will be concentrated in these investors’ companies, putting them at a disadvantage in the long term.

Through OnlyOptionsTrades, Anthony has been able to significantly serve the rising demand for education in the stock market. He has also established a unique and reliable way for individuals to better understand the markets through daily online classes.

The biggest challenges for Anthony and the team were shifting the focus to education first and profits second. A significant number of traders join the trade because of GameStop and Wallstreetbets with a get-rich-quick mentality that leaves them disappointed. Getting people to change this way of thinking has been Anthony’s biggest challenge. However, the dedicated team is investing many hours in trader education that is helping reshape the industry.

OnlyOptionsTrades trade has overcome these hurdles and grown into a multi-million dollar company in under two years. This has been a significant milestone that sets the pace for the company moving forward.

As an impactful brand, OnlyOptionsTrades continues to grow fast, and Anthony is hopeful for more success. The goal is to expand its services to offer more live classes and more ways for everyone to learn. Anthony remains dedicated to developing an app that will allow members to join online classes at any time and view previously-recorded lectures as he continues to transform the industry.

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