Meet Chains NFT, the Crypto Jewelry Experts Disrupting the NFT Space


The popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has skyrocketed in the last year to previously unimaginable levels. NFTs are blockchain-based cryptographic assets with unique identifying codes and metadata that separate them from one another. They cannot be bought or exchanged at face value, unlike cryptocurrencies. This is in contrast to fungible tokens, such as cryptocurrencies, which are all the same and can thus be used as a means of exchange. Tokens do not have their own blockchain, unlike cryptocurrency coins. They use bitcoin blockchains in their work with Ethereum, which several tokens, including stable coins, have used.

This innovation allows users to verify an item on the blockchain. It has been used to sell multi-million dollar works of art to allow anybody to produce, share, and validate a work online, such as artist Jon Burgerman’s Pizza NFTs. He was partly drawn to NFTs because of their community-oriented nature.

Jacob Bamdas and Michael Gauthier are two passionate NFT enthusiasts further disrupting the industry. Jacob and Michael share vast experience in the industry and are the founders of Chains NFT. Michael is an accomplished jewelry designer with more than 8 years of experience. He is best recognized for his one-of-a-kind, distinctive, and sparkling masterpieces, which have garnered him popularity, particularly among musicians. Among many other top clients, he has designed jewelry for every prominent rapper in mainstream American hip-hop.

On the other hand, Jacob is a 22-year-old entrepreneur and investor with extensive experience in the digital currency space. He’s been investing in cryptocurrency since 2016 and is also an active angel investor. Jacob is one of the industry’s youngest successful entrepreneurs, thanks to his passion and deep understanding of the crypto world.

Chains are on a mission to breach the blockchain and take its colorful jewelry beyond the digital realm. AtChains, Jacob is in charge of the commercial side of things, while Michael heads the creative side while working on the items’ designs. The Chains team is working to create 10,000 unique “hyper-realistic pendants and chains” with the aim of “blowing NFT projects out of the water.”

According to Jacob, the dream is to bridge the gap between where the NFT space was and where it’s headed. He admits to initially not being a heavy believer in NFTs until quite recently, when he got a second chance to realize the potential of the space. This inspired him to dig deeper into the space and create something different. They are now working to help others see these potentials more diversely and intriguingly.

Chains remains a significant undertaking as they wish to work with other like-minded intellectuals. Chains is currently available on Opensea and ravenously collected by users that congregate on the Chain’s Discord channel. This is reflected in the brand’s current goals, including plans to open the Metaverse’s first luxury jewelry store and participate in the Sandbox gold rush. The pair intends to create a digital boutique filled with lavish items.