Meet Jacob Bamdas & Michael Gauthier, the Crypto Experts Redefining the Space


Cryptocurrency and NFTs are popular topics across the world today, with so many people investing in these novel technologies as they realize their potential. Those who have shown a deep interest in the industries include well-known crypto trader Jacob Bamdas and his business partner Michael Gauthier. The two have developed a unique NFT project that is changing the NFT/crypto space while redefining the fashion world.

Their project, CryptoJeweler, created by Chains NFT, is a collection of 10,000 digitally crafted, algorithmically generated, and producible fine jewelry pendants under Chains NFT. These unique jewelry pendants are both in digital and physical form, helping CryptoJeweler bridge the gap between where the NFT space was some years back and where it is headed.

Since NFTs became a trending topic, they have disrupted many industries, including the gaming sector, the music world, and even the art field, making it easy for creators to monetize their work. Jacob explains that their goal is to bring NFTs to the fashion space through their project, creating the metaverse’s first high-end jewelry outlet. This will greatly change the fashion industry, more so jewelry making and distribution, by building a physical store of value for the digital NFTs while producing completely stunning artworks.

CryptoJeweler is bringing together a solid community of jewelry lovers as they help NFT investors monetize their projects. Chains NFT is minimizing owner profits. For instance, they are helping redirect the proceeds back into the project to maximize its potential and benefit the holders. CryptoJeweler also gives users opportunities to attend exclusive IRL events around the world and sell their NFTs at Chains’ Sandbox shop, which supports them in increasing their passive income.

Jacob and Michael’s combined experience and diversity give them an upper hand, making both CryptoJeweler and Chains NFT a success. Before starting CryptoJeweler, Jacob was a top crypto trader. He began his journey in the crypto marketplace back in 2016, and he has been trading cryptocurrency for over five years.

Michael, on the other hand, is a professional jewelry designer. He has been working in the field for close to eight years and has designed jewelry for top rappers in the US and beyond. Their combined skills set them apart and are helping them reach their goal of changing the jewelry market.

As their NFTs can be sold as digital-physical pairs, CryptoJeweler is revolutionizing the fashion industry and allowing the owners to flex their digital collectibles as IRL ice. Looking at the future, Jacob and Michael say their goal is to completely change the fashion and NFT spaces, creating a whole new field powered by the metaverse.

CryptoJeweler is developing the metaverse’s first luxury jewelry outlet, joining the sandbox gold crush by planning a digital boutique packed with high-end accessories. Jacob says that their dream is to work with big brands in the fashion and NFT spaces, including The Meebits and BAYC, to name a few.