AKITA INU secures Millions in funding through 2027


In the last few years, there has been an increased popularity of the digital currency market, and meme coins have become the showstopper. Most often as community-based coins, these currencies grow quite fast, often bringing good returns for their investors. Meme coins are inspired by famous cartoons, pop culture, or icons which are loveable and engaging. Following the success of Dogecoin, one of the greatest triumphs in the market of meme coins has been AKITA INU, quickly becoming popular among investors and meme coin fans.

AKITA INU, or AKITA, is inspired by a dog breed known for extreme loyalty and due to its size, a superior ability to hunt bears in the cold Northern forests of Japan. An American version of the breed is also quite popular, providing many families with an extra, furry family member.

AKITA INU is an ERC-20 token launched on February 1, 2021, reaching a market capitalization of more than $3.5B in its first year. As a completely community-based cryptocurrency project, AKITA INU was introduced to provide financial literacy and professional growth opportunities in the Web3 ecosystem. As a decentralized meme currency, AKITA INU is currently found on both the Ethereum and Avalanche networks. AKITA trades on more than 18 exchanges in multiple pairings.

A strong and authentic community is the biggest strength of any crypto project and AKITA INU is already on track with its fast-growing community. Within a short period, AKITA INU has gathered over 60K holders who now make up an active community spread around the world. It is worth noting that all of this growth and market expansion was achieved without any external funding sources.

Cryptocurrency has become a great equalizer in the global economy today. This is because it is easily accessible to investors and shows higher prospects of return in the future. AKITA INU has been designed to drive these benefits for the users or holders offering them financial freedom within a brief period. The team working behind AKITA INU believes that meme coins are the Trojan horse into the mainstream digital currency market. As it is based on a famous character or meme, marketing naturally gains momentum as it appeals to the masses.

The journey has not been easy for AKITA INU. The project has faced fierce competition from competitors who have tried to extract the value built by AKITA, but AKITA INU continues to thrive. In 2022, the project began final stages of development on staking and farming platforms, and also the formation of a basic DAO structure to channel the community’s voice for future developments. These efforts have culminated in the closing of a multi-million dollar funding commitment by Gitcoin through 2027. No other coin that began as “just a meme” can lay claim to such achievements.

AKITA INU is more than just a meme coin; it is on its way to becoming a lifestyle brand offering utility to the users. AKITA and its partners are currently working to send humanitarian aid to Kenya and Ukraine. The project will continue to lay ground for the future by expanding DeFi partnerships and exploring creative uses of NFTs.

AKITA INU has also begun talks with partners in GameFi and other platforms seeking to utilize AKITA in their business products. Going forward, AKITA will have more features and benefits for users, helping them find financial freedom. The Web3 ecosystem will catalyze growth of AKITA with its innovative technology.