Canna Cabana, the Largest Cannabis Retail Chain in Canada, is Revolutionizing the Industry with their Low Pricing

By Paloma Rossano/In Partnership With Darby Jones


The growing industry of cannabis is a representation of its significance to many people around the world, for however they may use. The quest for legalization through the United States and in many other places around the globe has been an ongoing process throughout the years. However, there are some places that are already taking advantage of the more open market, including Canada.

And while the industry grows, people are continuously exploring the different uses for cannabis and how it can benefit their own lives. While it may differ for many, some studies have been conducted to link its potential to boost creativity and focus. For instance, it has the ability to serve as a stimulant for creativity, while also being able to help mute mental distractions to enhance their focus. Looking at the statistical growth on a global scale, the sales for cannabis are “expected to increase from $13.4 billion in 2020 to $33.6 billion by 2025.” In turn, brands and companies within the industry are further attributing to its expansion.

One company that is taking the cannabis industry by storm is Canna Cabana, as it is currently the largest cannabis retail chain in Canada. With their plethora of products and cheaper prices, they have become known as the ‘Costco of Cannabis.’ At 113 stores throughout Canada, they have a significant presence throughout the region.

They also have an online website that further extends their reach and gives greater ease to potential consumers. The brands included in their selections are both Canadian based, as well as American.

What differentiates them from other cannabis companies is that while they offer quality products, they are able to do so in an affordable way. Having lower prices makes them accessible to all kinds of consumers who desire to use cannabis in different ways. In doing so, their accessories and tools offer the same standards, making sure their products like bongs, pipes, vaporizers, grinders, pens and others are meant to last. They aim to be able to accommodate all user needs, which include providing both ‘in-house’ brands and more known brands like Puff Puff Pass, Dopezilla, Evolution Glass, Famous Brandz, and Vodka Glass.

Canna Cabana has a mission to grow their presence physically and online, creating a community who relate in lifestyle and preferences. A newer initiative that aims to work around this goal is the Cabana Club offering, which offers its member-exclusive access to their newest products, as well as special deals and discounts. For instance, they are giving away a Prius to those who are a part of the membership in honor of 4/20. Currently at 450,000 members, they plan to utilize social media and the online sphere to expand their consumer base. In doing so, they have hosted a Winter Fair, which was the first cannabis consumer event in Canada. This brought together like-minded people who were able to share their products and insights into the industry, as well as its benefits and potential for the future. As Canna Cabana continues to grow, they are glad to be able to participate in the greater acceptance of cannabis on a global scale. To keep up to date with their latest news, follow their Instagram.

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