Justin Nelson’s Sphere Rocket Virtual Assistants Reshape Real Estate


Technological advances give rise to previously unimaginable synergies when an old profession gets a new twist thanks to new tech tools. Real estate is one of the last sectors to embrace digitalization as traditionally the real estate business was based on face-to-face human interaction, established connections, networking, negotiating skills, and many other qualities that until recently were sufficient for a successful realtor career. However, the power of ubiquitous social media has made inroads into this conservative trade too.

The younger generations, Gen-Zers and Millennials, who have harnessed the social media power and capabilities better than older demographics, often demonstrate amazing command of online opportunities and the ability to put them to productive use. Enter Justin Nelson, a 25 year-old real estate entrepreneur with nine years in the business. Justin proves once again the “early bird gets the worm” adage as he started his real estate career at the age of 16. Initially an assistant to his father who plunged into real estate at the same time after a long corporate career, very soon Justin was put in charge of all marketing and lead generation in the family business. After Justin got his realtor license, over the next 16 months in the business he generated $360,000 in CGI, all relying on social media to boost his sales. As a newly appointed team leader he helped grow his team to over fifteen people and opened a new office in Colorado Springs. At that point in his lightning-fast career Justin just turned 19.

In late 2018, Justin followed his other calling. “Speaking is by far my biggest talent that I have. I love speaking and can sell anything to any audience when the offer is right and the need is there,” admits Justin. He hit the road and roamed 35 states visiting nearly 135 locations to teach over 10,000 agents how to put social media to use in real estate. After spending 300 days on the road, Justin’s plan firmed up and he founded Sphere Rocket VA, a real estate training company which at its peak had over 1,000 active monthly paying coaching clients.

Justin’s Sphere Rocket soon morphed into a leading virtual assistant placement company for real estate and many other business sectors; Justin is best known for this new role in the real estate professional community. With 1,400 active clients in the United States and about 2,300 active virtual assistants, Sphere Rocket is among leading VA businesses. In 2020, Sphere Rocket VA helped over 3,200 real estate agents get matched with a full-time virtual assistant to help them cope with their needs all for just $500 a month. Justin’s VA staff has grown to over fifty.

Justin takes pride in the fact that though not from a wealthy family he is where he is now due to his grit and hard work and always prefers action to inaction. “There is someone less qualified than you doing what you want to do, because they simply took action,” shares Justin his favorite quote. Now residing in Nashville, TN, Justin runs Sphere Rocket VA from there while still keeping his Colorado and Tennessee realtor license and getting occasionally involved in buying and selling homes.

With plans to not stop until Sphere Rocket has 10,000 clients paying for coaching and training their virtual assistants, Justin has all the makings to achieve that goal just as he created his business without funding all thanks to his grit and an early realization of the online training potential.