Clover Finance Rebrands To CLV for an Easier Approach to a Wider Audience


The invention of decentralized applications has been a great win for the tech world. A decentralized application, also termed dApp, is a sort of open-access software running on a peer-to-peer blockchain network. DApps resemble conventional software apps that run on a website or on a mobile device, but they are peer-to-peer.

Because of the distributed nature of dApps, everyone else can build on top of the codebase once it’s been released. The app is not subject to a single authority’s control and can be used to create various applications, such as decentralized finance, online surfing, social media, or gaming. Clover Finance, now CLV, is one of the leading brands in the decentralized app space.

CLV is a project working on a Polkadot parachain and a multi-chain crypto wallet application. Recently the company announced that it would rebrand to CLV to appeal to a broader audience. The new brand name, CLV, stands for Connectivity, Legible, Versatile. CLV aims to offer great connectivity within the ever-growing and expanding crypto space, outstanding legibility for newcomers to crypto, and versatility to accommodate a broader range of users’ needs.

CLV is a cross-chain and decentralized application infrastructure platform. The CLV chain is an EVM compliant and cross-chain interoperable substrate-based specialized Layer 1 chain. The CLV wallet is a multi-chain, all-in-one wallet that may be used for everyday transactions, Defi, and gaming. With its multi-dimensional product selection, CLV has uniquely positioned itself as a “Passport to the Omniverse.” They’ve been named by Coinlist as one of the most notable initiatives in 2021 and backed by influential industry organizations including Polychain Capital, Alameda Research, Huobi, and OKex’s Ventures Arm.

Amid the upcoming release of new versions of Wallet and Chain products, the Clover Chain will become CLV Chain, and the Clover Wallet will become CLV Wallet. While the existing products and the token $CLV will remain largely the same, the new branding signals a strategic change from finance to everything web3.

CLV Wallet is available on all platforms on mobile, extension, and web. It’s designed for both DeFi, GameFi, and other Web3 applications.

The CLV Token ($CLV) is a utility and governance token used in the CLV ecosystem and is one of the most liquid Polkadot parachain tokens on the market. As technology progresses, additional utilities are expected to become accessible.

The CLV team is dedicated to creating a foundational platform that provides users with decentralized applications via a multi-layer of products and services while also exploring new methods to extend its ecosystem through partnerships and technological advances. The decision to go from finance to Web3 to reach a wider audience appears to be a good one.