How 0xFocus Sold Out an NFT Project With Only 4 Weeks of Marketing


More people are increasingly discovering NFTs and the potential they possess. This cuts across from individual creatives to multi-million-dollar organizations. The increased attention has been significant for the industry as it encourages the uptake of these digital assets. The NFT space also receives numerous diverse and creative collections, such as Satoshi Runners, which are taking the space by storm.

Created by 0xFocus, one of the top NFT creators, Satoshi Runners stands out as one of the most successful NFT collections. The collection made headlines after it sold out in four hours, only four weeks from the first tweet. Satoshi Runners’ pixel-art design is a unique homage to 1990s arcade games like Konami’s X-Men and Capcom’s Street Fighter II.

The NFT project’s crew includes world-class artists and animation companies who have worked on projects for Minecraft, Disney, the UFC, and the NFL, to mention a few. In addition, these projects provide creators and collectors with unique utilities or mechanics, a strong community foundation, and educational materials. These are crucial parts of what makes a great NFT project, explaining the craze around the Satoshi Runners collection.

The journey to success has not been easy, and 0xFocus admits to having faced numerous hurdles. It has been a bumpy road for him as he had to teach himself self-discipline and everything about managing a business.

Moving forward, there is no doubt that Satoshi Runners are here to dominate the NFT space for years to come. 0xFocus and the Satoshi Runners team are working hard to enhance their present collection. The goal is to develop a more advanced and promising project in the NFT space, which is great news for the thousands of members. Thanks to competent entrepreneurs at the helm and a rapidly increasing community, Satoshi Runners is nearly guaranteed more success.

This can also be seen by measuring how much Satoshi Runners outshines other pixel art NFT collections in the NFT marketplace. Essentially, the Satoshi Runners team wants to expand what it means to possess a pixel art NFT by redefining its value and benefits. They want to provide thousands of people with access to rare artwork while creating a thriving community for collectors to call home.