A Look into Felix Demin’s One-of-a-Kind International Business Ventures


Felix Demin is a successful entrepreneur, traveler, and surfer with multiple business ventures. The self-made entrepreneur has become a household name in the hospitality industry, where he has established some of the A-list tourist destinations in the world. Quite notable among his establishment is the ‘Bubble Hotel Bali,’ one of the most famous places in the country. A one-of-a-kind hotel, rated amongst the top ten unique hotels globally by Airbnb.

The hotel’s uniqueness and unparalleled services have made it a top destination for local and international tourists. As proof of distinction, Bookings.com, a leading travel website, has used Bubble Hotel Bali severally to promote Bali as a dream destination for travelers. The hotel consistently prides itself in delivering one of the best services and has been home to some of the notable personalities in the world, including Hollywood stars. As a testimony to the aforementioned message of delivering the best possible service- the casting team involved in the famous action movie Transformers were among the recent guests to be hosted by Felix in his world-class facility.

Felix is also the founder of the “Private Jet Villa” project, a hospitality facility in Bali. Ingenuity and creativity, they say, go hand in hand; This is Felix in a sentence, as he acquires an old Boeing 737 airplane and repurposes it into a luxury villa on top of a cliff 150 meters above the ocean. The result is a unique and one-of-a-kind villa that stands out worldwide.

Since the project launch, Felix and the team have had more than 200 publications in the media sharing stories about the villa, all with a common mantra- it’s simply an epitome of uniqueness and a must-visit destination in the country. While these projects continue to make waves, Felix has also granted interviews to CNN, Washington Post, Breitbart, Capital, AFP, and Today, in Indonesia, on this accord. Thanks to the project’s originality, the innovative entrepreneur asserts that he’s booked for a new tourism icon.

Felix, known to be a gunner for more, owned one of the largest logistic companies from China to Russia, which is notable for its efficiency in service delivery. His brand also has tentacles in the real estate industry- Bali investments, a villa construction company in Bali. Under this brand, Felix has built 20 luxury villas in Ubud, 23 in Uluwatu, and 10 in Canggu.

Felix shares his advice on how to plan your life with the Wunderlist App and the importance of keeping a diary. He constantly looks to share valuable knowledge and experience; According to him, whoever can understand and apply an acquired knowledge moves closer to becoming the best version of himself. He credits his current success to be the result of years of experience and experimentation with different systems and ideas. Felix takes pride in having grown his idea into a more refined and developed system that serves him well, and he wants to help others achieve likewise.

The ambitious entrepreneur asserts that he is on a mission to change the outdated system and create a new country where we can make our imaginations a reality and help society function more efficiently, focusing on harmonious self-education and happiness.

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