Josh Wilson, a Multi-Talented and Creative Entrepreneur’s Journey Towards Success


The creative industry has grown due to the internet and media boom in the past few decades. The opportunities available for many creative geniuses were unavailable back then. Filmmakers and videographers can upload their content to YouTube with a click of a button. Crafty artists can sell their items on Etsy, and musicians can upload their work on Soundcloud. The introduction of media has given them the chance to showcase their talent via these relatively new outlets. However, establishing your career in this industry is not a walk in the park. The opportunities are numerous, but garnering the right support requires time.

In addition to that, the competition is stiff. Quite notable among these creative personalities is Josh Wilson. He is a producer, entrepreneur, and journalist. Coming thus far was not an easy feat, not only because of the hurdles that come along with every industry but the fact that he has been able to juggle 3 different career paths. Josh started off as an actor but later broadened his sights and moved on to establish a production company.

He has opted to move into production after obtaining the necessary expertise. Leaving a secure journalism job to support his family didn’t seem like the best decision, but it was required. Josh acquired his initial investment and worked with the production company to earn his commission within a year. This feat was a huge accomplishment.

Working in journalism helped him build connections and connect with the dynamics of the industry a lot better. But Josh always knew that his true passion lies in producing content for TV, and this is where the mass audience lied. This niche was where he and his team could implement their ideas with full independence.

Deciding to move to production full-time was difficult at first, but it proved a great decision for everyone’s growth. Josh was able to accomplish a lot on his own as well. He was named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and received the Charter Mark Award. Sheikh Hamdan, the Crown Prince of Dubai, has given him the nickname “The Magnet.” These accomplishments were a dream come true for Josh, and he’s well-deserving of them.

Josh wants to create a lot more television content in the future. As he continues to work toward this goal, he also hopes to make high-end drama shows on a global scale. His ambitions don’t stop there: Josh also intends to create creative firms and brands. What Josh has accomplished in a short period is inspiring indeed. But he, unlike many people, was courageous enough to face difficulties head-on and keep going. He is a role model for many up-and-coming artists and creators of our generation. His journey is proof that no matter what happens in life, one should not give up on their ambitions.

Being able to persevere is a rare skill. Today, Josh is not only working for himself but is also able to build opportunities for others. The internship scheme at his production company gives many the chance to grow exponentially. Many of their interns are now working at reputable companies such as Apple TV+, Ogilvy, V&A Museum, and Musidex.