What You Need to Know About Cutting-Edge Platform “Over the Reality”


Over the Reality, known as OVER, is a cutting-edge AR platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Its a one-of-a-kind metaverse platform that allows users to participate in personalized interactive augmented reality experiences, bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.

Over the Reality is one of the first content browsers. The world provides possible experiences based on the user’s geographical location, thanks to OVER’s unique approach to the metaverse. According to the OVERteam, their goal is to create a platform that will help unlock the future of the metaverse while also creating a strong online community of like-minded people.

OVER allows its users to express their creativity, develop, produce, and sell B2B and B2C experiences. They recently announced that their OVR token is now available for purchase on Kucoin, allowing the general public to join them on their adventure.

OVER has designed its system so that all you have to do to join the AR metaverse is create your own unique avatar. You’ll have access to countless possibilities and meet people who share your interests. OVER is also working on several advances to benefit the open metaverse community and allow for cross-metaverse control.

But with the NFT space still being a relatively new industry, the OVER team has faced numerous hurdles before reaching success. The most difficult obstacle was creating a community of believers and owners. But the team has been driven by their unity of purpose; everybody in the group worked hard to create an open and decentralized infrastructure where people could create economies.

The construction of a decentralized and unstoppable open-source platform will be one of these advancements. The community and users will control this platform, and they will be able to buy and sell digital assets such as land using the token. OVER’s distinct roadmap distinguishes them in a very competitive sector, with their initiative drawing widespread public interest. The objective is to become the augmented reality metaverse of reference for people all over the world.

Their token’s inclusion in some of the world’s most prestigious exchanges is also assisting them in expanding their opportunities. The team claims that listing their token on Kucoin, among other exchanges, will help them reach a larger audience as they communicate their vision with the rest of the world.

Over the Reality is encouraging Web3 enabled cross-platform interoperability and unlocking the future of the open metaverse. This means that their users will be able to control and stretch any NFT containing 3D or 2D content on the OVER metaverse and visualize and publish it.

OVER is expanding its user base as they take over the metaverse and bridge the gap between the virtual world and reality. Its recent token listing on key global exchanges further opens up the platform to the public and helps investors and producers alike. The team’s vision for the future is to be the augmented reality metaverse of reference for individuals worldwide.