Best THC detox plan: how to get weed out of your system


First of all, weed stores in the fat cells then leave the system at a predictable rate. The only thing that will change is the rate of fat burning; However, as that fat is burning, the THC will be spilling out into the bloodstream and into the urine, raising blood and urine levels of the THC metabolite which you do not want. Therefore, if you are going to use exercise as part of your plan, end it at least 3 weeks before your test to make sure fat has stopped burning and extra levels of drug metabolites have left the system. When we say “detox “ we mean drinks, pills, mouthwashesand even synthetic urine. Lower, you can see the example of such detox product – Toxin Rid.

Factor 1: Weight/fat mass determines the speed of how to detox from weed

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?


We’ve seen different charts give different opinions about the rate at which marijuana leaves the system but they are all in the same ballpark. This particular chart is unique in that it takes into account the patient’s body fat. As you can see, the amount of time it takes THC to leave the system goes up considerably with the amount of fat mass the body has. A chronic user with 30 + fat mass could hold on to THC metabolites for as long as 6 months. While a thin chronic smoker is looking at only 14 to 21 days.

Factor 2 of your weed cleanse: Use Frequency determines how to get the pot out

How frequently you use weed will determine how long it remains in the system because unlike other drugs, it builds up in the bloodstream. Yes, it means that a blood tests ( does not matter what type of blood test) will show usage while passing drug tests. You can try to cleanse your system. For example, the name of the product – Nutra Cleanse literally promises deep cleansing.

The chart takes into account the frequency of marijuana use. It’s important to realize these are averages gleaned from various data sets. In your one case, you can be certain that you are clean before going into that job interview or court-ordered hearing by doing pretesting. So the best thing to do is get a test beforehand from the pharmacy. Make sure it’s the same kind used at test facilities and it will say so on the packaging. Then, take your test and make sure you are clean. If you are not, do a dilution regiment as will be explained after, and make sure you test clean afterward. Finally, if all else fails, find a brand of trusted substitute urine like Quick Fix and Dr. John’s Famous Pee Pee. We will show you what to look for.

Factor 3: How much time do you have to get THC out of your body

No time: I have no time!

A random immediate test is usually a saliva test mostly for pot use on the job. It has the shortest window of detection and is usually used to discover drug use that has occurred on the job.

You will need to have stashed hydrogen peroxide mouthwash on your desk or in the bathroom beforehand. Sometimes there will be a bottle in the washroom. Swish it in your mouth for sixty seconds with 2 parts 3 % peroxide and one part water. Spit it out and you are in a good position to pass.

Ten days: I have Ten days

If you have ten days till the test and would also like detoxing from Heavy Metals, Toxin Rid plus creatine dilution and b-vitamins will be the way to go. Toxin Rid is not likely to cause drug metabolites to come spilling out of your body more quickly than usual but the ten-day formula will clean out your guts and give you some confidence. However, on the day of the test, you still need to use dilution to seal the deal and we will show you how. Toxin Rid contains kelp and alfalfa and these are known to be able to detox heavy metals from the body, but not necessarily drug toxins. The full strength is the 10-day plan to help you detox by taking mineral, metal detoxifiers, and diuretics.  However, especially for marijuana, it is not known that marijuana metabolites will come out of the body faster simply due to drinking more water or taking more diuretics.  Therefore Toxin Rid’s strength is in the 10 days of abstinence that you will be applying if you get the 10-day supply.  Now Toxin Rid has 10-day formulas all the way down to one day. The one-day supply if you get that you’re kind of on slippery ground because you haven’t even only abstained for one day so you should rely on dilution.

In summary, if you have 10 days before your test you can use Toxin Rid and also on the day of the test work in a dilution regimen. Here are the Toxin Rid instructions. We will modify them to work in a dilution regimen on the day of the test.

Toxin Rid Marijuana Detox Instructions

  • You will take 3 Pre-Rid Capsules per hour for 5 hours (15 capsules) on the ten days leading up to the test.
  • You should be eating a diet of lean protein and natural fiber.
  • On test day, you want to make sure you time things so that you will have to pee when you get to the test, and that your pee will be dilute but yellow due to b-vitamins and high in creatine due to creatine doping. Creatine is not included in Toxin Rid so you need to purchase it separately. And also a b-vitamin complex to make your pee yellow.
  • On test day, 3 hours before your test, and after your last pill, take half the Toxin Rid liquid Detox with 16 ounces of water.
  • An hour later, take another half ounce of the liquid detox. At this point, you need to add a 5-gram dose of creatine to raise your creatinine levels and a b-vitamin complex to give your pee a non-diluted look.
  • Pee a few times before your test. Now go in and take the test and you should pass with flying colors because you abstained for 10 days, then you did a dilution regimen right before your test. This is foolproof if you do both steps. Toxin Rid alone will not do it, dilution alone may work, but together, they are an absolute certainty to work.

I have a day or two

If you have a day or two notification, use dilution, either homemade or the best detox drinks for weed.

If you only have one day to detox drugs out of your system you’re going to have to use a dilution method.

The best way to do dilution is to get a detox drink because they already have all the key ingredients in a tasty drink.

This is my favorite detox drink because it is widely available and has all the necessary ingredients with easy-to-read instructions. It is one of the common THC detox methods.

#1 Detoxify Mega Clean: the best way to detox your body from THC

It’s got every necessary ingredient, those being b-vitamins, creatine, water, and diuretics.

Have a look at the proprietary herb blend? Burdock, Ginseng, Guarana, Nettle Uva Ursi, are all diuretics that may increase urine output. The fruit pectin may have some ability to make your bowels move in case you have eaten maybe edible marijuana and need to get that out of your system.  But it works as ordinary weed detox.

Another ingredient, zinc, has been scientifically proven to help you pass a drug test. The most commonly used methods are urine tests.

This is a great detox drink, drink it exactly two hours before your test. Reill the bottle with water, and drink it down. Pee a few times and you should pass. You may want to take a bottle of Gatorade with you to the testing center if you believe long hours waiting may make it difficult for you to produce more urine. You may have a problem with receiving urine samples.

Our number two choice for a detox drink is Rescue Cleanse:

This bottle has everything you need. The pros are that it is cheap. The con is just it costs more than a regular energy drink, but that is detox liquid. It is one of the best THC detox methods, the most popular of THC detox drinks.

These are the ingredients, note the high percentages of b-vitamins. If you decide to make your own detox drink, you will need levels this high to make sure your urine is a strong yellow color.

Factor 2 of the THC Cleanse, your budget for a THC detox kit

You need a cost-effective way to detox. Mega Clean will cost you about $ 49.99. Rescue Cleanse is about $ 23.56.  Toxin Rid 10 days will cost 189.95, then you will need to buy a 15 dollar bottle of creatine and a $ 10 dollar bottle of b-vitamins. So, Rescue Cleanse at this time appears the most cost-effective.

What if you have a low budget? You can still do it. All of the ingredients are natural.

How Dilution works as the fastest way to clean out your system for a drug test

First off, dilution will not flush marijuana out of your system. It will simply dilute the drug metabolites so that there seems to be less of them. Then it adds color and creatine back to the urine. This is the best way to clean out your system in 24 hours.  After ingestion, your bladder system will be mostly clean of drugs starting at two hours and ending after 5 hours. You wanna take your test in that window of time.

This is how detox remedies work to cause the urine to test negatively:

First off, you increase the amount of water you are flushing from your system by taking diuretics and drinking water. Popular diuretics include green tea and cranberry juice. So, imagine if the drugs were of pink color, now you increase the amount of water and the pink color fades. But chemists have two main tricks. They check to see if the urine is yellow and they measure a muscle metabolite called creatinine. Creatinine is the byproduct of creatine which muscles and the brain use as extra energy. They will look for the correct levels of that marker. So, to increase the yellow color, b-vitamins are used at high levels. Riboflavin, thiamine, and b 12 can be used at fairly high percentages without causing nausea and they make the urine yellow to almost green. You need to take 5 grams of creatine alone with your 32 ounces of green tea or cranberry juice, as well as 100 mg of Riboflavin and 100 of Thiamine.  If you don’t have any of that, exactly two hours before your test, drink 32 ounces of green tea and eat a very large rare steak. This remedy contains all the necessary ingredients.

Popular detox methods and do they work?

Fruit Pectin

Fruit Pectin, also called sure jell, is a form of fiber (dietary fiber) some people use to help clear out the guts by inducing diarrhea. It is one of many withdrawal symptoms.

pectin to pass drug test from StonerProTips

To be certain, most users said fruit pectin DID NOT  work to pass a drug test but this single positive recommendation makes us curious. We should say, if you have ingested drugs that are still in the gut, then sure try fruit pectin. How?

Two hours before your test, put your Certo in a bottle of Gatorade. Drink it all. Then drink about a quart of water with a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda in it. Also, take 5 grams of creatine, and take some b-vitamins to make sure your pee is yellow. Color is essential for successful urine drug test passing. You can take 100 mg of thiamine, 100 mg of riboflavin, and 120 micrograms of B12. You will likely have one or two of these laying around the house. Do not overdose on a once-daily multivitamin. If that’s all you have, just take one and eat a large steak. Sometimes, apple cider vinegar use is recommended as a complementary step. If DIY recipes are too challenging for you, it is better to try remedies that are ready: drinks or pills.

We doubt that fruit pectin or something that resembles will help you to pass a drug test.


Exercise increases the rate at which fat cells release marijuana metabolites. They then enter the bloodstream and exit through the urine. While exercise can be used to get more cannabis out of your fat cells a month before the test, it should not be used close to test time because it will cause a higher blood and urine level of marijuana metabolites.  You need a more effective and safer cannabis detox.


Sauna has been shown to help you sweat out some drugs. Three things, first it’s not likely to help you sweat out enough to pass a test. Next, don’t do it close to test day because it may raise the levels of THC in your bloodstream.  Lastly, don’t use a sauna if you have never done it before, you could injure yourself instead of weed detox.

At home Dilution

At home, dilution can work as we have explained earlier. Eat a large, well-salted rare steak two hours before your test and drink about 32 ounces of green tea, cranberry, or lemon juice. Some sources claim that lemon juice is more effective. Others consider lemon juice the same good for this aim. We advise you to choose lemon juice if you just like it more. It seems that it is one of the most pleasant drug detox methods. The green tea and cranberry juice will work as a diuretic to increase urinary output. The salt on the steak is your electrolyte. Steak contains high levels of creatine. If you don’t have steak go for salmon, herring, or chicken. The biggest muscle of the animal has the most creatine, that’s what it’s for, muscle power. Also improves memory.

Baking soda

Taking about one teaspoon of baking soda two hours before a test for methamphetamine may help you to pass the test. This is because meth is alkaline and baking soda competes at the kidneys for excretion leading to less methamphetamine in the urine for a period of about 5 hours. This trick will not work for other drugs, do not believe that is one of the marijuana detox drinks. If you are smoking weed, it is better to choose detox drinks (e.g mega clean detox drink) or detox pills. To see all available options, search for “best THC detox drinks”, “detox mouthwash”, “detox pills”, “detox liquid” “detox kits”/”marijuana drug test kit” or “THC detox methods”. Remember, that flush THC is good just for an oral drug test. Just swab test( saliva drug test).


Zinc has been shown to decrease the reliability of commercial drug tests. According to the published paper  “Zinc reduces the detection of cocaine, methamphetamine, and THC ….” It, therefore, works for a number of drugs. Another study put it this way: “ Our data indicate that zinc added directly to urine in concentrations 5,000 times higher than a typical random urine total zinc concentration is capable of producing false-negative results; however, self-administration of oral zinc was unable to generate random urine total zinc concentrations in the required range.

Another study put the falsity to that claim by showing that consuming 200 mg of zinc does work as well as adding its direction to the sample, they observed, “However, two urine samples were taken within 18 h of the volunteer consuming 200 mg of zinc both tested negative for THC, followed by two more samples in the following 18 h that again tested positive. Beyond this point, three days following marijuana consumption, urine THC levels fall below the positive cutoff.” This test showed ingesting 200 mg of zinc gave the user an 18-hour window of testing negative. If you try this method take a meclizine (Dramamine) or Benadryl with it because zinc can cause nausea. Do not lie to yourself that it is safe due to natural ingredients. Also, the lower is your body mass index, the higher risk of nausea. And also, there is a chance to find THC traces and detect drug usage.


First off, too much aspirin can cause stomach bleeding so find a better way if you have other options. Now, the good news: in ‘Decreased signal in Emit assays of drugs of abuse in urine after ingestion of aspirin: potential for false-negative results’ researchers concluded, “ Negative biases observed for other Emit d.a.u. assays after salicylate ingestion lead us to conclude that ingestion of therapeutic doses of aspirin may cause false-negative results for drug screens in urines by this technology.” That’s nerd talk for aspirin beat the test. However, this study was in 1994 and tests have gotten better. if you use this method, also note that they said ‘therapeutic doses’ so don’t take more than recommended on the label.


Niacin does not appear to be able to help anyone beat any modern drug tests, but high levels have sent some people to the hospital with liver issues.

Substituted Urine

The best way to receive negative drug test results is drug abstinence or safe supplements. Detox drinks and pills can really make you sober. But some people are trying to cheat and use synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is artificial urine, a fake one. Manufacturers claim that it looks and smells identically to natural samples. There are two top brands: Quick Fix and Testclear. The second manufacturer claims that it is powdered urine of real humans.

Of course, sometimes false-positive results can be received due to some remedies.
Anyway, that is problematic as even kids these days may be prescribed ADHD stimulants or benzodiazepine medications.

But it is not a reason to replace your urine with a fake or friend sample. In the first case, you will be imprisoned. If your friends will assist you, they will be accomplices. Is the juice really worth the squeeze?

So it is better to use a detox or consult about remedies instead. But it is a very insidious and dangerous idea. It is better to use such products for pranks or sexual kinks.

Detox products and methods to avoid

Do not drink several gallons of water for so-called ‘cleansing’. Your result will come back as dilute and you could die from an electrolyte imbalance called water intoxication. Also, there is a high risk of being detected while drug screening. You can receive health issues and test positive. Maybe, it is better to use a drug test kit?

Don’t buy detox drinks from gas stations and grocery stores that do not contain the ingredients: B-vitamins, a diuretic herb, electrolytes, and creatine. Electrolytes just mean some type of salt or baking soda, aka some type of mineral.

Don’t use a sauna if you are not familiar with how to use one as you could injure yourself. Now, the market can offer a lot of detox pills, drinks, mouthwashes, or even synthetic urine, if you do not like the idea of taking something inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Lab Tests Detect THC Detox Products?

Nope, dilution-based detox drinks are made of regular food products. Just don’t leave the packaging laying out in plain sight.

  • Do I Need To Detox If I’m an Infrequent User Or Took An Edible?

Infrequent use is unlikely to show up but you should use a dilution drink anyway. it does not detox the body from marijuana, that’s not how it works. It just dilutes your urine. Be careful, it will not help for hair tests. For hair follicle drug test you should use another method.

  • Do THC Detox Kits Work For Hair Test?

No. For the hair follicle test, just bleach and dye your hair 10 days apart. A perm will also remove drugs from your hair follicles. .


1 “Zinc reduces the detection of cocaine, methamphetamine, and THC ….”

. Accessed 5 Dec. 2021. This study shows that zinc added directed to a sample decreases the detection of various drugs and is not easily identified.

“Elevated Urine Zinc Concentration Reduces the Detection of ….” 10 Jul. 2013, Accessed 5 Dec. 2021.

This study shows that zinc is taken orally at about 200 mg also works to decrease the detection of drugs and cannot be identified.

“Decreased signal in Emit assays of drugs of abuse in urine after ….” Accessed 5 Dec. 2021.

This study shows that aspirin decreased the detection of various drugs when taken at therapeutic doses.

Social Media Wisdom

[deleted by user] from drugtesthelp

This user passed his drug test using Mega Clean, or his favorite detox drink.


Adulterants are less often used as some can be detected and they have to be concealed and make it through the testing center undiscovered. Adulterants are NOT Taken orally but are added directly to the urine sample to mask drug use. There are some that work and cannot be detected. A Study in the Handbook of Drug Monitoring Methods makes it very clear that some of these work:

“Most of these adulterants except Visine eye drops can be detected by routine specimen integrity tests (creatinine, pH, temperature, and specific gravity). However, certain adulterants such as Klear, Whizzes, Urine Luck, and Stealth cannot be detected by using routine specimen integrity testing. These adulterants can successfully mask drug testing if the concentrations of certain abused drugs are moderate.”

“Urinary Adulterants and Drugs of Abuse Testing | SpringerLink.” Accessed 5 Dec. 2021.

These can have very clear and impressive effects.


If you want to pass a cannabis urine drug test the fastest way, your best bet is dilution. Just spend nearly 50 bucks on Mega Clean and use it precisely as directed. Detoxify also has pills with the same ingredients if you prefer detox pills. There are also pre rid tablets. It is also empowering detox process.

If you want to go cleaner,  all-natural, two hours before your test, drink 32 ounces of green tea and eat a very large steak. Make sure you are full. You can add some chicken or salmon to it to increase the creatine content even more. Types of drug tests(hair drug test, swab test, or blood test), the quantity of body fat are essential criteria for drug tests. Some drug tests can be easily passed without difficult preparation. Other drug tests will destroy your career, however, it was a one-time occasion nearly a year ago.

We hope that you can receive a desirable work position, avoid problems and live a sober life!

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