Origin Zero NFT is a Top Project Utilizing Digital Environments


The acronym NFT refers to Non-Fungible Token, digital assets stored on the blockchain. NFTs are transferable, unlike cryptocurrencies, since each unit has such a unique value. Fungibility in economics refers to the attribute of an item or a commodity whose constituent components and subunits are interchangeable and recognizable. Ideally, NFTs could be any electronic file, such as a picture, movie, or GIF. And, just as there are numerous copies of real art, anybody can duplicate or download the file, but with NFTs, you can claim ownership of the NFT.

Although the idea of NFTs may appear complex, their rationale is straightforward. Developers and artists get an opportunity to market their work, and customers have a platform to promote their favorite artists while also expanding their collections and profiting from the trade. However, recent years have witnessed an increased concern about the NFT’s impact on the environment due to the intensive minting process. But also, there are other NFTs such as Origin Zero that are developed in environmentally friendly processes, leaving a positive impact on the environment.

Origin Zero, or Origin as it’s identified in short, is the first NFT utilizing digital environments to help heal those in the physical world. Origin Zero is focused on fine detail and uniqueness within their art. The project’s mission is to inspire and make it an enjoyable, inclusive experience for all. Origin Zero is a revolutionary brand bridging charity and crypto on a mass scale. Currently, in the NFT space, projects follow a similar cycle of selling their projects and developing videogames.

While projects succeed in doing this, for example, Bored Ape Yacht club brings in over 100 million per year, Origin Zero’s focus is different. By utilizing the mass amounts of money made through royalties sales in NFTs, they are creating an intricate and unique platform that streams profits into 15 index funds every month. An index fund is a category of a charity, such as mental health, but within each index fund are numerous charities. As users in our community buy, sell, trade, royalties are made and put into a “vault.” This vault accumulates wealth and then dispenses it equally among many charities within each index fund. Not only are they going to develop the “norm” utilities in the NFT space, such as games, physical locations, etc., but they are also going to help the environment while doing so.

Led by a team of philanthropists, Origin Zero is also on a mission to help others achieve their success and make the world a better place for everyone.

“Based on our calculations post public sale, we will hold the record for the second most generous project in regard to charitable donations in the whole space. Our achievements will only improve as royalties flow in month after month, helping us redeem the faults of our world,” narrates the Origin Zero team.

Origin Zero envisions itself amongst the top three projects in the entirety of the NFT space in a few years. This includes having a full-blown platform that automates crypto transactions and royalties into charities and a flourishing ecosystem that benefits holders in our community.