By Understanding Consumers, Australia-Based Hussla Wheels Became a Top Brand


One of the first pillars of marketing is understanding your customer base. If you’re not sure who you’re serving and what their needs are, how could you possibly provide? A company that has gone above and beyond to wholly understand its customers, and reaps the benefits, is Ozzy Tyres and their in-house brand, Hussla Wheels. This Australia-based organization serves the people of their continent by seeing what their needs are, understanding how to meet them, and adjusting their product based on what makes their Australian customer base tick. By embracing their community and serving them well, Hussla Wheels is well on its way to becoming a household name.

Before Hussla Wheels was established, the Ozzy Tyres team started by distributing wheel types from the United States. American brands controlled the market with innovation and design, giving Ozzy Tyres limited choices to go elsewhere. The team even attended trade shows in Las Vegas to keep their finger on the pulse of international trends. But as Ozzy Tyres started gaining national traction and popularity, they realized that outsourcing their wheels wasn’t serving them. They were essentially promoting a different brand and were unable to control the quality and provide the specific needs of their Australian consumers. Because of this, they decided to launch their own brand: Hussla Wheels.

The name was inspired by the true hustle in life and those who work hard to make things happen. They had to hustle to create their business and also wanted to respect the work ethic of those they serve. From there, they chose manufacturers within their borders, allowing them to have more control over the quality of the ultimate product. By doing so, Hussla Wheels has been able to provide top-of-the-line products at a mid-range price to their customers. They’re supporting the hard-working people of Australia by recognizing the budget constraints that many people are under. By understanding this, Hussla Wheels has become a household name in the industry.

Another way they’ve been able to gain social proof is through their customization options. There are approximately 300 wheel models available on their site, each with different color options. Multiple shades of blue, gloss and matte black, pink, red, and gold are only a handful of the colors that can make the consumer’s vehicle stand out amongst the rest. On top of that, they allow the customer to adjust the offset of the wheels to their liking. Offset refers to how far the wheels are sticking out from the car, which can have a huge impact on the look of the vehicle. This allows the vehicle owner to keep up with trends, or to fully embrace their personal style and preferences.  Hussla Wheels is the only website in the world that offers offset customization, helping them stand out from the competition.

While this massive amount of customization may seem overwhelming, especially to those not familiar with the car industry, Hussla Wheels makes the website as seamless and entry-level as possible. The website has a clean interface, easily guiding the consumer to what they are looking for. Even those with no prior knowledge about vehicles, wheels, or rims can still feel confident that they’re making the right purchasing decision. Each wheel has a description, explaining what makes it special and what a consumer can expect.

Hussla Wheels takes it even farther when it comes to customer service and ensuring satisfaction. They offer a technical team that goes through each order before it’s processed, looking for areas where they can give advice or recommendations to those who are still getting the hang of it. Hussla Wheels has a fitting guarantee to anyone who orders from them, ensuring that the wheel the consumer orders will 100% fit their vehicle. The fact that individuals are going through every order makes sure of that.

This level of customer service is yet another reason Hussla Wheels is a renowned brand throughout Australia. They understand the product, customization options, and customer service that their consumers expect and have been delivering it for years. They are especially set to serve the people of Australia, something that’s very important to them in the work they do. With this successful framework, Hussla Wheels continues to expand and dominate their industry.