Laid Back Llamas Brings an Immersive Experience to Multimedia


Over the years, NFTs have risen in popularity, and perhaps a significant number of social media users have come to know more about these non-fungible tokens. NFTs are digital collectibles used as vehicles for facilitating the buying and selling of digitized artworks and more. Founded on blockchain technology, NFTs have become a buzz, thanks to their uniqueness and authenticity in ownership. Ideally, there can only be one owner of a particular NFT at a time, and the ownership of a particular NFT can be transferred to others. Also, all transactions are recorded in a public ledger accessible to everyone in the community. 

Recently, there has been a significant increase in NFT collections, with different developers leveraging their creativity to design and develop some of the most authentic pieces. Sameer Baloch is one of these skilled NFT artists that continues to revolutionize the space.  His partnership with The NFT Agency set the stage for the creation of the Laid back Llamas project.

The NFT Agency, a brand on a mission to bring an innovative, inclusive experience to the multimedia landscape. Their objectives include having a strong holding in the social media space, from television, movies, music plans, and an immersive metaverse experience. Deep in the digital mountains of the metaverse lies a herd of 7,000 exceptional llamas from the Laid back Llamas collection. They represent confidence, tranquillity, and different personalities that depict style with every stride. 

These fresh-looking llamas have been exploring the rolling hills of the digital landscape in search of good vibes and nothing short of this. They got the swag, the funk, the jazz, and each llama was more laid back than the next. This exquisite herd only breeds the finest of llamas with the fluffiest fur and the sickest drip. Every llama is unique, with different fur colors, hairstyles, laid-back expressions, clothes, hats, shades, etc.

Since its launch, Sameer and the team have taken over the multimedia space with numerous achievements. Some of these feats include launching Llama Records, a label operating inside the metaverse and designed to push digital talent. 

“LBL is not just another PFP project; it’s much more. Over 6 months, LBL has built many assets, including a multi-connected PFP project, as well as a network of 4 interconnected assets,” explains Sameer Baloch.

The collection has gotten the attention of significant holders, including Styles P, Mike Rashid, and Lucas Piazon, among many others. The Laidback Llamas have also been featured in Rego food’s announcement of Quiznos and Taco Del Mar’s debut into the metaverse, thanks to the collection’s authenticity, as well as the team’s ingenuity.

With a constant drive to achieve even greater feats, the Agency hints at ongoing talks with TV Production companies for a TV series in the LBL universe. The ambitious studio is also working on collaborations with other developers to leverage the Llama brand’s potential while spreading the funny, goofy vibe of Llamas.

In five years, the Laid back Llamas brand looks to be a well-established media franchise, branching into full-length films and music via Llama Records. Their aspirations include showing the true fusion of traditional media and the metaverse and turning Laid back Llamas into a household name.