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What We Know So Far About Upcoming Video Game Neon City


Video games give us the opportunity to virtually experience a life we’ll never actually inhabit. Exploring a fantasy world in Zelda, stealing cars in Grand Theft Auto, stepping into cowboy boots in Red Dead Redemption, and fighting monsters in The Witcher are only a few examples. Video games allow us to act differently than we would in real life. They allow us to be on the wrong side of the law, for example. A new video game that allows you to do this is Neon City.

Neon City is a secretive, upcoming game that is drumming up excitement and popularity throughout some gaming circles. The first way it allows you to live a different life is by transporting you to another century. Their Twitter account only has one cryptic message: “Welcome to the future.” What, exactly, awaits the player there? Is it a future utopia in which all of our current societal challenges are behind us? Well, by the looks of their banner photo, that isn’t the case.

What is more likely is that Neon City in 2121 is a challenging place to be. With a unique art style and cyberpunk elements present in their banner photo, it’s hinting to viewers that it’s a challenging world to be in. But with challenges come opportunities to solve problems. What’s a video game without some interesting challenges to figure out? Problem-solving is a core piece of video games, and it seems that Neon City is going to present some to their players. From explosions to car chases, Neon City promises excitement and adventure.