Harbor Is Creating the Ultimate Web3 Marketplace


While the unexpected rise in popularity of NFTs and the promise to get rich quick introduced many new faces to crypto, the experience was not pleasant for all. Since then, marketplaces have been inundated with profit-driven ventures, leaving many new investors in a hole and frightening others away from the field.

Influencers and businesses have been ready to promote ventures unrelated to their image, harming their reputation in the process because they do not influence the project’s future. Many brands are attempting to enter the metaverse to promote their own brand while also expanding.

Also, NFTs can be found in various places, from games to yield farming to designer labels. The marketplace where NFTs are listed is on top of it all. With over 1 million active members, Opensea, which was created in 2017, is by far the most popular marketplace. While it allows users to mint, purchase, and sell NFTs, it falls short in several ways, particularly regarding Web3’s future.

Fortunately, Harbor, an NFT platform, is changing the narrative. Harbor intends to create the ultimate Web3 marketplace, allowing everyone to personalize their profile and start creating their digital legacy. Harbor‘s marketplace claims a 2% cost, compared to Opeansea’s 2.5% fee, which is pooled and returned to users. Harbor proves to be a very intriguing marketplace to monitor, with features like custodial wallets, integrateable apps, and smart-contract capabilities. Harbor, which is entering the market with a lot of buzz, wants to make onboarding NFT users a simple and fun experience.

Total NFT sales reached $17.6 billion in 2021, representing a 200x increase since 2020. This exponential expansion, combined with the eagerness with which firms like Apple, Nike, and Microsoft are researching Web3 technologies, creates enormous opportunities inside the ever-expanding market.

According to the Harbor team, the current condition of NFTs is not indicative of what lies ahead. Ownership, verification, and community are all represented by future NFTs. NFTs are a new technology that is changing the way we think about digital property by determining who owns what and granting you the ability to do certain things if you hold a specific NFT. This helps build a community around the project, offering businesses the opportunity to strengthen their Web3 presence.

Beyond the fundamentals, Harbor provides brands and creators with access to a team of experts in NFT culture, technology, and everything in between. Many people find accessing the NFT environment difficult and frightening, leading them to give up. Harbor tackles this problem by working with companies one-on-one to figure out the best approach to incorporate them into NFTs, build an engaged community, and sell them all on one platform.

Harbor appears to be a clear candidate as the people’s marketplace, with an explosive future for the NFT market bringing many new users. Users are ready for a shift to a more decentralized, community-driven form of the internet, which Harbor encourages. Their founder’s NFT collection grants users access to the community, where they can vote, make recommendations, and get partner airdrops. Furthermore, they are running a massive giveaway via which users can access the first NFT collection.