Marius Grigoras Is Building a Reliable Launchpad for NFT Enthusiasts


NFTs have become extremely popular in recent years, prompting many investors to investigate how to buy them. Artists, enthusiasts, and investors have all rushed to the concept as the value of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets has risen and fallen. Huge amounts of money have been paid for these digital art pieces, with more still willing to pump more money into the space.

But on the other hand, many consumers purchase NFTs for amusement or to bring them joy rather than as an investment option. Marius Grigoras is one of the NFT enthusiasts who believe in the blockchain’s potential to transform the tech world.

Marius is a renowned tech entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of the BH network. He is also an associated professor of different computer science areas, from parallel and distributed algorithms and data structures to programming. Marius has also been a jury member at Innovation Labs for years, auditing and mentoring different teams to innovate in the software engineering field.

Marius has a deep passion for the blockchain, leadership, building great customer relationships, and growing technical teams. He has over 11 years of experience in the tech world as a software engineer, working with, but NFTs have just proven to be a whole new intriguing concept and game-changer.

Marius has since invested many hours into learning and understanding the NFT world. Currently, he is leading BH Network’s vision to build the Internet for Freelancers, and he is also an active blockchain evangelist with a focus on Elrond network dev.

“NFTs have provided an avenue for me to exercise my passion for building teams with valuable core team members where the communication, emotional intelligence, and the passion for building something are the most important assets,” Marius explains.

Making a mark in the space has also been a tough hurdle for Marius, who has faced and overcome many challenges. His biggest challenge has been leading remote teams from three companies with members from different countries. His biggest hurdle has been understanding each team member’s culture and personal challenges.

“I made mistakes thinking that I could change people. The reality is that you need to understand what motivates each person, particularly because everyone is different and is not pushed by the same goals,” Marius adds.

Also, building a new complete startup in the blockchain area that’s fully regulated and legal was a challenge. He had a lot to learn in a short while from business, marketing, legal, tokenomics, sales, and customers, to crypto. Though it was both mentally and physically draining, Marius has proved himself up to the task. He has not only come to understand the NFT world but also commands a solid mastery of how the sector operates.

Marius now wants others to understand that no matter how hard you work or how disruptive your work is, you are a lonely man without faith and family. Invest in what you truly love and be ready to learn from the best in the game.

Marius’s dream is to see the BH Network Web 3.0 hub projects become one of the most important Elrond incubators in the ecosystem. He also wants to have their freelancer marketplace be in the top 3 solutions global wise from both businesses to disruptive tech, by being a safe, secure, and top reliable marketplace.