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Internet Marketing pioneer Tim Schmidt is once again helping businesses grow after a successful e-commerce exit that demanded much of the company’s marketing muscle, especially during the trying pandemic era.  Schmidt made the announcement about his plans to continue guiding companies with his Internet Marketing expertise in a press release.  

Having helped build, grow, and scale a Florida SEO company only months after graduating college, Schmidt wasted no time in making a name for himself in the South Florida SEO circles.  He boasts a 20+ year track record working with companies to help their website rank in search engines and more importantly – convert traffic into customers.  

At the time of the pandemic Ice Cold Marketing carried a roster of over 40 active clients, (all referral based from current clients and word of mouth) – Schmidt decided shortly into the pandemic that accepting new clients was simply not in the best interest of the Fort Lauderdale-based Internet Marketing company.  Much of the pandemic was spent assisting companies make the shift from traditional marketing methods into a robust search engine marketing plan that helped them get attention even when all other traditional ways of networking were no longer an option.

“When the world shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, interest in my Internet Marketing services skyrocketed. I was tasked with saving businesses and helping them navigate uncharted waters.  Many new clients didn’t know that the Internet could help them earn business and increase demand for their services, even if the world was largely shut down.  I made the executive decision to stop accepting new clients in July of 2020 so I could essentially save people’s financial well being,” Schmidt said in the press release.

Tim Schmidt Internet Marketing Agency Plan 2022 

The decision to once again accept clients was one that wasn’t taken lightly and was the product of over a year’s worth of planning, according to Schmidt.  The staff at Ice Cold Marketing has been bolstered with personally trained Internet Marketing professionals from around the world in order to properly service existing clients as well as to be able to effectively replicate the success with new clients.  This was all executed while his e-commerce business was going through an acquisition.  Once the acquisition was completed, he wasted no time in getting back into what he does best, and that’s to help clients rank higher in search engines and create revenues from their web presence.

“Exiting a business I created from scratch after 13 years was definitely exciting,” added Schmidt.  “When you do something for that long it’s hard to say goodbye to all of the amazing people who helped the business from its humble beginnings.”  

The time formerly spent as the Fort Lauderdale based Internet Marketing Expert for his own venture, a company in the beauty industry, is now focused on helping businesses achieve the same success.  

With campaigns starting at just $750 monthly, Ice Cold Marketing works with Florida solo-practitioners all the way to global brands.  There is no business too small, too big, or too quirky for the Ft. Lauderdale SEO Company that services the world.  The company prides itself in helping companies that other local SEO companies simply choose not to accept for various reasons.

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Things To Consider Before Hiring an SEO Expert

There are many things to consider before hiring any service provider, but in the competitive search engine optimization space, there are many things to look at before you select someone to guide your marketing efforts.

  •  How many years has the company been in business?

Don’t be fooled by someone who just took an online course who promises you the world.  The search engine ranking factors change constantly.  Any SEO veteran who has navigated the numerous Google updates will tell you that search marketing experts gain knowledge every year that simply can’t be taught in any course.  

  •  If the SEO expert is so good at their job, why don’t they practice what they preach and start their own ventures?  

The best SEO companies in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere else in the world will always find a way to use their talents to create revenues that aren’t dependent on clients signing up with them.  Any “expert” who hasn’t bet on themselves and started a business of their own to accelerate revenues is simply not an expert.  

  •  What sort of promises are made?  

The novice “Seo Expert” will promise quick results, make crazy financial projections, and say just about anything to take a client’s money.  Any SEO company that has been in this game knows that the process of search engine marketing takes time, patience, and a lot of pivoting.  While results are suggested, nobody can really tell you what search engine trends will be like in a year from now, or what algorithmic changes are going to take place.  

Benefits of Working With Ice Cold Marketing

There are three main reasons why Tim Schmidt’s name is constantly being discussed in Fort Lauderdale SEO circles.

#1:  He has been doing this since 2001 and has seen the rise and fall of many search engines, the humble beginnings of social media, and most importantly, has navigated the evolving space with deft moves and always persevered.  

#2:  As a serial Entrepreneur, Schmidt has built and sold over a dozen web businesses, including having taken businesses to exit in several consumer product spaces.  Simply put, he has bet on himself and tests every theory on his own businesses so he can in turn use the data as a case study and build a plan to replicate it with clients.   You can also find him giving presentations at marketing events, blogging for the Huffington Post or Social Media Today, and he’s even written a book for young entrepreneurs that was a best seller on Amazon. Fresh off his last exit, he’s aggressively trying to replicate the success of what he learned along the way with new clients.  

#3:  In your free consultation, you’ll not only get a full website audit, but also a no frills evaluation of your web marketing efforts.  The company has turned away business for it’s brutally honest approach – including telling clients the ROI simply may not be there for them, but the company was built on honesty and integrity – unlike many competitors.  

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There is no easy way to navigate the ever-changing world of Internet Marketing.  While there are 100’s of SEO companies across the globe, only a handful can boast being in business for 20+ years.  If you are looking to grow your business, working with a time-tested Entrepreneur who is in the trenches daily is your best bet.  Visit for a free website audit and consultation while the company is accepting clients.  

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