Meet Jason Hsu From 2blockchainz: the Blockchain Educator Making His Mark


To many of us, blockchain comes across as a complex topic. This is probably because the concept of blockchain is often explained with a lot of tech jargon that is hard to grasp. However, Jason Hsu is changing all that. He is breaking it into more straightforward and easy-to-understand terms as he paves the way for others in the industry.

Jason Hsu’s vast knowledge and experience in the crypto field have enabled him to support many people in the industry, becoming a well-known blockchain educator. Jason Hsu also doubles as a content creator, entrepreneur, and influencer with over 37K followers on Twitter and 15K on Instagram.

His platform, 2blockchainz, is one of the leading in the sector and is revolutionizing the blockchain space, making entry into the field a bit easier. Jason Hsu is using his Instagram and Twitter accounts to share his knowledge with others as he makes it easy for the public to find their way into the crypto and NFT marketplaces.

He is showing people that blockchain is not as complex as perceived by most, and it all depends on your mindset. Jason Hsu also proves that nothing is impossible to attain with determination and hard work.

Jason started his journey in the crypto market in 2014. At the time, the field was relatively new, and it was a challenge to find useful and truthful information. But he didn’t give up. In fact, he explains that his experience trying to find his way in the field motivated him to launch his online platform.

Jason wanted to provide people with a more accessible and credible learning platform that would make it easy for anyone to understand blockchain technology and its potential, which led to the birth of 2blockchainz. Through this platform, Jason is teaching investors/traders basic knowledge about blockchain and how they can make better trading decisions.

Jason is also working with other project developers and creators, helping them with marketing. He currently does crypto growth at Alpaca, a Series B startup backed by Y combinatory that offers crypto +stock trading API. Before this, Jason also worked with various brands and companies, including Bitmart. He was a product marketer at Bitmart, a crypto exchange operating in the US.

While working with them, Jason was in charge of the token listings and their life cycles. He conducted live interviews with project founders and CEOs. Jason equally ran marketing campaigns for each project/token to get new/existing users excited.

His solid network, skills in the field, and deep understanding of the blockchain space now give him an advantage as an educator and content creator while educating both sides (banks and government organizations) for the goal of mass adoption. Jason is bridging the gap between traditional players who have not caught up and the modern world as he helps everyone benefit from blockchain technology.

As blockchain technology becomes more mainstream, Jason says that his goal is to use his platform to help as many people as he can and make it easy and faster for anyone to find their way in the industry. Jason is also helping traders and investors increase their earnings through the many giveaways he holds on his social accounts.

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