Delta-8 For Paranoia — Does Delta-8 THC Provoke Or Prevent Panic Attacks?


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For decades, scientists and cannabis fans have known that too much delta-9 THC could trigger panic attacks. In fact, paranoia is one of the most common adverse reactions people have to this psychoactive cannabinoid.

Interestingly, this widely-known fact hasn’t stopped customers from using THC-related products to ease their anxiety symptoms. Plenty of people use delta-8-infused products to reduce their stress levels.

For instance, some customers are now using hemp-derived delta-8 THC to settle their nerves. According to fans, delta-8 THC can help patients manage anxiety without a severe risk for side effects. However, there are a few precautions consumers must keep in mind before using delta-8 for panic attacks.

How Does Delta-8 THC Affect Paranoia?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many studies examining delta-8’s effect on panic disorders. Most research into delta-8 for anxiety is anecdotal, but a few surveys suggest it has a different risk profile versus delta-9 THC.

According to surveys from the University of Buffalo and the University of Michigan, most people who use delta-8 products want to get rid of anxiety. Most of these patients also claim delta-8 isn’t as psychoactive as delta-9 THC. Although delta-8 THC will produce a “high,” it doesn’t seem like it has the same potency as delta-9.

Evidence suggests that the amount of delta-8 a person takes significantly impacts its effects. Some trials suggest people who “microdose” THC are far less likely to experience adverse reactions like excessive anxiety. In fact, a recent trial out of the University of Illinois suggested small doses of delta-9 THC manage stress better than moderate doses. Although this study didn’t examine delta-8, these findings likely have some cross-over.

While all of this data is promising, it doesn’t mean delta-8 can’t provoke paranoia. Since delta-8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid, the risk of side effects like hallucinations or excessive fear is valid. People who have a pre-existing anxiety condition or a low THC tolerance must approach delta-8 with caution. Please start with a tiny dose of delta-8 and slowly work your way up each day.

What Should I Take For Paranoia Instead Of Delta-8?

If you don’t feel comfortable taking delta-8 for anxiety, you should consider non-psychoactive hemp alternatives. The obvious choice in this category is CBD. Not only is CBD the most readily available hemp cannabinoid, it has the best track record for stress relief.

Multiple placebo-controlled studies suggest CBD can eliminate the excessive worry associated with conditions like social anxiety disorder. Compared with delta-8 THC, CBD has a lower risk for triggering side effects like paranoia, even at comparatively higher doses.

Although CBD is the most prominent hemp cannabinoid for anxiety, other hemp compounds show great therapeutic potential. For instance, many people are now using the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBG to help reduce stress. Other compounds like CBN and CBC may have stress-reduction potential, but there’s less data surrounding these rare hemp cannabinoids.

For the time being, it’s best for customers to stick with CBD and CBG if they’re interested in non-psychoactive stress reduction.

Real Tested CBD Takes The “Stress” Out Of Buying Hemp Extracts

Whether you use delta-8, CBG, or CBD for anxiety, you should be cautious about which brand you choose. If hemp extractors don’t take the time to test their products, then you could be swallowing high traces of delta-9, heavy metals, or solvents.

You won’t experience the potential therapeutic benefits of hemp if you’re using non-tested products.

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