Best Delta 9 Gummies – Top 4 Delta 9 THC Edibles For Summer


Best Delta 9 Gummies: Top 4 Delta 9 THC Edibles

There is nothing compared to the relaxing effects of Delta 9 for stressful days and sleep-depriving nights. As busy people, we want to keep our minds in good condition, and we do not want to constantly worry about managing stress and anxiety. Good thing D9 today comes in chewable gummies, and we can take effective amounts of THC when needed or desired.

But if you worry if they are legal, we have a reliable list of Farm Bill compliant, hemp-derived D9 chewables that you can take in when needed.

Best Delta 9 Gummies: Top 4 Delta 9 THC Edibles

  1. The Hemp Collect – Top Pick – Best Delta 9 THC Gummies Overall
  2. Botany Farms – Delta 9 Gummy – High Potency Gummies
  3. Home Town Hero CBD – D9 Gummies – Widest Variety
  4. Kandy Girl – Best Runner Up For D9 Gummies

#1. The Hemp Collect Top Pick – Best Delta 9 THC Gummies Overall

The Hemp Collect, founded by women enthusiasts of cannabis in Oregon, has been providing bulk supplies to manufacturers of CBD products. They studied clinical trials and research until they made their line of CBD products. As of today, their most potent THC product is the Delta-9 Gummies (100% Vegan).

It boasts of healthy organic composition that sits well on any user’s tummy, containing fruit pectin and natural flavoring. Unlike gelatin-based delta9 gummies, they digest quickly, so you are sure that the efficacy of these gummies will come sooner than expected. Apart from that, the gummies do not melt at high temperatures.

Within thirty to sixty minutes, you can taste the chilling calmness you aim for.

Each Hemp Collect gummy contains 10mg of D9, making its THC less than 0.3%. If it is your first time, start with one piece per dose. Your dosage depends on your tolerance. Its peak effect goes within two to three hours after taking it. Here is a reminder: do not overdose, especially after taking the gummies about an hour or two hours ago.


High standards

The D9 gummies from Hemp Collect use Oregon-based hemp to extract THC.

When it comes to safety, these gummies are not only vegan but also gluten-free.

Hemp Collect partners with an ISO-accredited laboratory to test potency accuracy in the labels and measure the safety of their products. You can even view the result of their latest Certificate of Analysis (COA) from their website. And it shows each gummy weighs 3.5 mg, containing less than 10mg of D9.

Affordable products

Hemp collect keeps its price reasonable while keeping the premium ingredients. Pricing factors for hemp collection go from the ingredients used, research conducted, tests made, and manufacturing process. They farm their hemp, so you know they produce D9 gummies from a reliable hemp source.

Fair policies

After the intensive process of producing their D9 gummies, Hemp Collect is still generous to offer full refunds and credits to unsatisfied customers.

Hemp Collect Delta 9 Gummies Pros & Cons


  • Oregon-hemp derived gummies
  • Easier to digest but not easy to melt in warm temperatures
  • Rich spectrum distillate
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • D9 content declared is tested in ISO-accredited labs
  • Farm Bill compliant
  • Mixed fruit flavor
  • Effect kicks in thirty to sixty minutes


  • Psychotropic
  • Considerably higher-priced than other D9 gummies

Customer reviews

The Hemp Collect doesn’t have too much feedback reported yet because of being newly introduced. However, customers provided positive feedback about having euphoric calmness, putting them in a deep sleep with no heaviness after waking up. Also, they love how the gummies taste naturally. Some of them loved the transparency of including their COA on their website.

→ Visit the Official Hemp Collect Website

#2. Botany Farms – Delta 9 Gummy – High Potency Gummies

Known for fine crafting their CBD products, Botany Farms have a delicate process of producing their D9 gummies. They handpick the hemp used in their D9 gummies and produce them in small batches.

We love how they use natural pectin mix to produce the gelatinous texture on their gummies. Because of this, you are guaranteed no plastic-like taste on your gummies as their ingredients and distillates are all-natural.

Botany Farms D9 gummies certainly have that kick by including 14 mg CBD on each of their gummies. That is a mix of 10mg THC and 14 mg CBD, both hemp-derived. Now, that makes it look illegal.

Botany Farms made sure the D9 gummies complied with the threshold of less than 0.3% THC in their gummies. Each gummy weighs a little more than 5 grams.

However, the dosage comes a bit strong. It works to manage your pain, relax your body and mind, and relieve stress.

If this is your first time, careful in taking the D9 dosage as it’s more potent than D8 gummies. You need to take half of the gummy first, then take the rest an hour later. Take the entire gummy if you are highly tolerant and feel it kicking in thirty minutes.

Another notable trait is how the watermelon tones come into the mouth. It has a tropical fruit-refreshing taste profile and some tartness.



Botany farms D9 is just like how they made any of their CBD artisan products. Made from the finest hemp of Illinois and Southern Oregon, they go into the smallest details to get the best harvest and produce hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Hand-picked. Hand-trimmed. Their ingredients are all-natural: from the sugar to flavoring to their thickening agent. They process them by hand. They boast of all-natural distillates without any artificial ingredients.

Budget-friendly options

Purchase them via the website, and you have the option to try first with a sample size or full size of 15 gummies per bottle. The sample size starts at $5 and contains two pieces of gummies.


If you prefer a more potent high, this is the D9 gummy for you. It contains 10mg of THC. Adding 14 mg CBD, you know it will bring you to places. Chill your body and mind when they are seeking calmness. Take all your worries off and feel light.

Effects start kicking in twenty minutes. These gummies work great whether you want to keep yourself in one chilly place, immobile, or spice up the night and boost your spirit. Start with half of the gummy first and take the other half sooner. The punch stays, and you can still feel its aftereffects for 12 hours.

Botany Farms D9 Gummies Pros & Cons


  • Made from local hemp of Illinois or Southern Oregon
  • Easily digestible gummies
  • Hand-crafted
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Third-party lab tested
  • <0.3% hemp-derived THC
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • Watermelon flavor
  • Farm Bill compliant


  • No other flavors are available.

Customer Reviews

Most customers provide positive feedback about experiencing relaxation, especially for the sleep-deprived and always worked out. Also, some couples reported the D9 gummies improved their relationship by boosting their spirits at bedtime.

Some customers who took an entire gummy felt a drastic highness. For this reason, it is best to consume one in parts.

Although the feedbacks are good, the most negative complaint we saw is the lack of available flavors aside from watermelon.

→ Visit the Official Botany Farms Website

#3. Home Town Hero CBD – D9 Gummies – Widest Variety

If you’re looking for a wide selection of D9 gummies, check the variants of D9 gummies on Home Town Hero. You can buy them in Live Rosin and Select Spectrum gummies, and they come in different flavors.

Their flavors are all-natural extracts: pineapple, orange, peppers, citrus, strawberry, and more. Flavor-wise, the Select Spectrum variants have a natural fruity flavor taste.

The live rosin strains, including the premium ones, have 25 mg D9 THC. We have looked at their current Certificates of Analysis, and only the Select Spectrum variants have tested their terpenes amount, which is about 0.28 mg of terpenes.

Also, it is worth noting that the Select Spectrum variants have 10 mg hemp-derived D9 THC and 10 mg hemp-derived CBD.

Those six live rosin strains do not show how many terpenes come in each gummy based on their COA.

Even so, their products still follow the threshold of less than 0.3% of D9 THC. Also, their strains come from different parts of the U.S.A.

Also, we love how the select spectrum kicks in. You can tell the hit as a euphoric and overwhelming relaxation, a feeling that comes when THC and CBD balance each other’s effect.

This product comes into effect within forty-five minutes. So we do not advise driving heavy machinery or any vehicle after consumption.


Clean products

This company has been in the industry since 2015, and they have mastered clean manufacturing processes.

For their Delta 9 gummies, they press bubble hashed hemp to extract its concentrates using the best manufacturing process.

For the Select Spectrum, they use the process for making organic coffee. They blast hemp with high temperature and pressure from beverage grade CO2 to extract cannabinoids from the hemp.

They undergo these processes with the best manufacturing processes.


Home Town Hero had diversified their D9 products so much.

Here are the variants of live rosin D9 gummies:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

The premium strains include:

  • Gelato (Hybrid)
  • Blue Dream (Sativa)
  • Northern Lights (Indica)

Other than these six, you can also try the Select Spectrum in three flavors: mango, strawberry, and pineapple.


They use local-produced hemp in different hemp-rich states in the USA. Also, they boast all-natural flavoring, coloring, and thickening agents.

For the live rosin strains we tried: although the taste is not as great as the slightly artificial taste, it will kick in forty-five minutes. It is highly recommended for weekends or nighttime use if you’re craving that much-deserved rest.

They also partner with third-party DEA-certified labs to test the level of their product’s efficacy and THC content. These tests ensure that their products contain less than 0.3% D9 THC.

Home Town Hero D9 Gummies Pros & Cons


  • Many flavors and strains to choose from
  • Made from locally-produced hemp
  • All vegan and gluten-free
  • Partners with DEA-certified third-party labs for testing
  • Farm Bill compliant


  • Regular live rosin strains may taste like medicine or synthetic.

Customer Reviews

Customers who bought them online reported positive results. They talked about how the effects bring them to a calming state. Albeit strong, some think it’s wiser to take half of the gummy first before taking the other half. We also found negative feedback about the taste, which can be improved.

→ Visit the Official Home Town Hero CBD Website

#4 Kandy Girl – Best Runner Up For D9 Gummies

When Kandy Girl put their free D9 THC gummy samples on sale, everyone went crazy. And we have enough reviews to prove these gummies do their work.

We love Kandy Girl gummies for coming in different fruity flavors; you wouldn’t mind that you are taking D9 gummies. They have vegan and non-vegan D9 gummies. Their peach rings and watermelon gummies may melt at high temperatures, such that they did not use fruit pectin. But for vegan flavors, they won’t melt upon temperature increase: strawberry, grapes, orange, mango, and blue raspberry.

What makes their Vegan D9 gummies unique is that they also have 10 mg D8 THC and 5 mg CBD apart from the 15 mg D9 THC. How does it become legal? According to their COA, each flavor has different quantities of cannabinoids but still follows the threshold of 0.3% THC. All their D9 gummy variants fall under 0.29%.


Flavor and Texture

The variety of flavors, even for non-fruit pectin gummies, tastes awesome. They have a not-so-soft and not-so-hard texture that is easy on the mouth.


The gummies take about thirty minutes to kick in, and you’d love its euphoric mellow effect once it starts to linger.

Pros & Cons 


  • Lots of flavors to choose from
  • Can choose from vegan or non-vegan gummies
  • The effect goes in thirty minutes
  • Farm bill compliant
  • With D8 THC and CBD included
  • Start with the free sample


  • It may be less potent than the others.

Customer Reviews

Because of the many reviews collected, most of them say it has a mellow effect that puts them into a nice sleep. Also, some free sample verifiers say it’s effective in relieving muscle pain. Although some reported a strong aftertaste of the grape flavor.

→ Visit the Official Kandy Girl Website

How Did We Select The Delta-9 Gummies?

Established Brands

We do not go easy with the brands. We recommend companies that have expertise in the cannabis industry.  We prefer those who have established the best practices in their manufacturing processes. We also require a passion for what they do and the eagerness to have the most delicate knowledge in extracting cannabinoids.

Quality of Gummies

From the texture to taste, we prefer organic D9 gummies as they are safe and natural.

Also, it matters to know the process of harvesting, picking, and extracting hemp. The process affects the quality of flavor and efficacy of D9 gummies.

What Is the Hemp Source?

We recommend locally grown hemp as they follow strict standards in growing and harvesting hemp. We prefer American-grown hemp and make sure that manufacturers choose local farmers as their suppliers.

Does the Brand Provide Third-Party Lab Testing?

Hiring independent lab testers is crucial to avoid biased and manipulative results.

Policies for Shipping and Returns

Customer service is significant even after sales. We recommend brands that allow money-back guarantees or replacements and generous refund policies, as it shows their sincerity in helping people.

What to Consider When Buying Delta-9?

1) Gummies Lab testing- Third-party

Always choose transparency. Our recommended D9 gummies show the results of COA on their website to prove their efficacy and cannabinoid/ THC content.

2) Ingredients Included

Synthetic ingredients bring out the unnatural and disgusting flavor. We prefer natural ingredients not only because they are guilt-free but they are also safe to consume.

3) Brand reputation

Some companies declare wrong THC/ CBD content. Some even disguise THC with marijuana content making their product truly illegal and dangerous for consumers. Find reliable brands that will not put your safety and health at risk.

4) Pricing

Always look into the process and ingredients and see if they are reasonably priced. Some D9 gummy brands charge too much for low-quality ingredients and poor manufacturing practices.

5) Potency

Of course, consumers are always after the effects. Look into reviews and recommendations and see which D9 gummies help in stress relief, pain management, relaxation, and mood-lifting. While we know D9 is much more potent than other cannabinoids, ensure that it goes well with your tolerance level.

Delta 9 THC – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Delta-9 THC dosage size?

Ideally, 10 mg for every gummy is best. It brings you out the right high. Well, it still depends on how your body reacts. But the bare minimum is 7 mg and if you have more than 10mg of D9 THC in each gummy, start with half of it, then consume the other half later.

Can these gummies have any negative side effects?

It depends on how your body takes it: drowsiness, increased hunger, drying of saliva, or urging to drink. These are just minimal effects. But even if you have taken two gummies, it would still be safe unless you go out to drive or dive into a pool after taking D9 gummies.

How long does it take to feel Delta-9 gummy effects?

The effects start showing at twenty to thirty minutes or up to an hour. After-effects may stay up to twelve hours. And its traces could stay in urine or feces for up to 7 days.

Do I need a prescription to purchase Delta-9 gummies online?

No. But if you are taking medicine or maintenance treatments, make sure to inform your doctor.

Final Thoughts: What Are the Best Delta 9 Gummies to Buy?

Our top pick is Hemp Collects Delta 9 THC Vegan Gummies. We selected them because of their high standards from manufacturing to quality control and customer service.

We love the time and effort they take to craft their D9 gummies, and their mixed flavors do come in one bottle. After intensive research and testing, we found their D9 gummies reliable, safe, and potent in helping people alleviate stress, pain, and anxiety.