The Roi Master Academy, Inc. Founder Héctor Escandell Is Impacting Lives


Many people still regard blockchain as a faraway notion that has little bearing on their daily lives even though it has the potential to change everything from education to business to entertainment in the future. This unfamiliarity may explain why Bitcoin investments are widely misunderstood and why so many people hesitate to invest. The huge amount of unverified trading information has also been a significant challenge, leading to many traders being misled.

Fortunately, one trader, Héctor Escandell, has devoted himself to teaching others to succeed in the crypto world. Escandell has been working in the cryptocurrency space for several years and has garnered great knowledge that he shares with the Roi Master Academy, Inc. community. He and his team are working to make blockchain-based solutions more accessible to all interested parties.

The path to establishing Roi Master Academy, Inc began in Cuba, where cryptocurrency circulation is outlawed. Despite the government’s limitations, Escandell was keen to make a name for himself and had already made money on the stock market with currencies outside his country. The more he studied blockchain technology, the more convinced he grew that cryptocurrencies would be a means of achieving financial independence.

This drive and belief drove Escandell to establish Roi Master Academy to educate others on making money through trading. He also draws lots of inspiration from other successful persons in the field, as he firmly believes that crypto is the future.

Roi Master Academy, Inc. issued its own currency, $RMAI, to further its objective. The $RMAI token is a B&B-based token on a quest to rewrite history. According to the project’s website, the work of art is deflationary, practical, empowering, and powerful. The CEO waives 100% of the money earned in the presale, which will be added to the RMAI/BUSD pair’s liquidity.

Creating a crypto-focused organization in a country with strict anti-crypto legislation was not an easy undertaking. Héctor Escandell faced many obstacles and challenges, and despite feeling like he was walking on sand, he never gave up. His drive to serve his team had built a community for everyone and pushed him to keep walking. He has always devoted every waking moment to helping people achieve their financial goals and gain financial freedom through blockchain technology. Through donations and other charitable activities, he has also aided many people.

Escandell urges everyone to understand the value of humility after reflecting on his path. He believes it is an important life virtue that many wealthy people overlook. They also have no idea how satisfying it is to give without expecting anything in return.

“Life is not about financial things, but spiritual things. If you look at my currency, I have none and have renounced LIQUIDITY as well as the contract because I simply want the WORLD and the individuals who use RMAI to be the proprietors of their own destiny,” says Escandell.

Héctor Escandell’s brand, like the cryptocurrency industry, is constantly expanding. He sees himself and Roi Master Academy, Inc. reaching new heights and having a more significant impact on more people’s lives. He wants to aid hospitals and children by funding more charitable programs. Escandell’s greatest ambition is to create a future blockchain that is beneficial to the world, instead of detrimental.