Kylie Ayala Is Empowering Women in the Web3 Space


Men largely control conventional investing, and the current Web3 narrative is unmistakable. However, the reality of Web3 as a boys’ club might be harmful to the entire promise and progress of Web3.

Essentially, Web3 is not just a club with a closed-door policy. It’s a rising-tide-raises-all-boats bash that grows better with each newcomer. The sector can disrupt the exclusivity notion by bringing more women into the space. The more everyone participates, the better the results will be for Web3.

Kylie Ayala is an accomplished creative director and an outspoken advocate for women in the Web3 movement. Throughout her career, Kylie has worked and collaborated with major brands for product launches, events, and experiences. Nike, Rolling Stone, Meta, and Google are just a few well-known brands she has collaborated with.

Kylie is also an outspoken supporter of more women in technology, notably in the Web3 space. She has on-boarded thousands of women into the world of Web3; on TikTok, she has aided hundreds of artists in strategizing and marketing their brand launches in the digital arena, all while leveraging social media to educate women about technology.

Throughout her career, Kylie has hit numerous notable moments and awards for her excellent works. She is the Gold 2020 Ex Award Winner for the Reebok experience at ComplexCon for her role as the creative director. She has also successfully launched numerous lines of Belvedere Vodka in partnership with various celebrities (Janelle Monáe, Laolu, and many more).

“Being a woman in the tech field, a field overpowered by men, finding confidence in my voice and the teams I lead to make a difference and bring more women and diversity into the tech space has been the biggest challenge. Learning to balance my home life (husband, mom of two young kids) with my marketing job and my passion for teaching the tech industry to women has also been my most significant challenge,” Kylie explains.

Kylie encourages everyone to keep working hard even if things aren’t going well. Don’t be afraid to keep pushing yourself; no language or tool is insurmountable. “Nothing,” Kylie says, “compares to teaching yourself and surrounding yourself with intelligent mentors who want to share their expertise.” This is one of the reasons she is so passionate about sharing her expertise in marketing, strategy, and the tech sector with women and people worldwide to broaden the conversation’s scope.

She believes that as a creative director, you should devote time and effort to learning about and understanding the client’s industry, as well as the broader sector. This is critical to ensuring that you depict the client’s image in the best possible light and with a professional touch to get outstanding outcomes.

As she continues to make lasting strides in the Web3 arena, Kylie aims to continue performing her executive creative director role in the tech space. Kylie also wants to continue to be a voice that brings fresh viewpoints into the sector, leveling a playing field that men currently dominate.

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