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How Dubai-Based Homebond Properties Has Simplified Real Estate for Global Investors


The Dubai real estate market is booming. This can be attributed to several factors, including that property prices are lower compared to most major cities in the world, making the country an excellent opportunity for investors. Unlike most areas, Dubai also offers a tax-free investment. There is no annual property tax, income tax, or capital gains tax, which has seen the market attract a lot of attention.

However, for global investors, it can be hard to find a property that will give you good returns, especially when you do not live in the area. This is where Homebond Properties step in.

Homebond Properties is a Dubai-based real estate company helping HNWIs and global investors to find the right investment properties in Dubai. It is streamlining the process of acquiring real estate for its clients and assisting them in profiting from the huge investment opportunity the UAE currently offers.

Homebond properties have helped many clients get up to seven-figure returns on investment. They have also helped sell out billion-dollar projects in the UAE, establishing themselves as one of the major real estate firms in Dubai and the UAE.

According to the CEO of Homebond Properties, their goal is to grow this number in the coming years as they help their customers take advantage of this booming market and get great returns. The team’s diversity, vast experience in the Dubai real estate market, and unique approach set Homebond Properties apart, assisting them to get great deals.

Homebond Properties appointed Mr. Saeed Al Qadi, a Dubai native and known real estate mogul, as CEO. Mr. Saeed helps the team land properties in great areas that will continue to appreciate. Homebond Properties are also leveraging technology to stay ahead of the game.

The company uses innovative, advanced, and forward-looking methods in the field of real estate investment technology to analyze the market. By closely following the changes in the sector, Homebond Properties is able to make profitable investment decisions that are future-oriented.

Mr. Saeed explains that they aim to find properties that will increase the value of the clients’ investments. Homebond Properties leverages its resources to get its hands on prime real estate properties. The team also helps global investors navigate the versatile and complex UAE market.

They are breaking down the regulated market and introducing more advanced technologies to the field, helping investors and other players. Through their technology, Homebond Properties is able to stay ahead of market trends and closely monitor changes in consumer behavior. Their unique approach to the UAE real estate market has helped the team rise to the top, making Homebond Properties one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the area.

As more people move to Dubai, especially with the tensions in Eastern Europe and the instability of the West, it is safe to say the Dubai real estate market boom will not decrease any time soon. In 2021, prime real estate prices rose by around 56%, attracting many global investors. As Homebond Properties continues to build its portfolio, the company is simplifying real estate for global investors. They are helping global investors and HNWIs take advantage of the budding UAE market.

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