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Team Mohamed’s Takes Guyana Worldwide With Their Professional Race Team


Car racing has emerged as one of the highest class of automobile sports in the world. Racing has got both the thrill and fun required to keep sports lovers hooked. The incredible maneuvers performed by the drivers usually make spectators breathless. Car racing has garnered much attention on the global sports platform, but only a few countries have managed to shine in this area of racing and culture. Guyana, a small country in the northern mainland of South America, is most likely to make its way into the world of racing sports in the coming year, thanks to the professional sports race team at Team Mohamed’s, which is aiming the spotlight on Guyana in world sports.

Team Mohamed’s is a top professional racing sports team not only in Guyana but the whole Caribbean. It is likely to make a mark on the world racing sports arena as well. Azruddin Mohamed, a racing car enthusiast, founded the team out of his sheer love for racing sports. He loves speed, and the sight of racing cars has always thrilled him. Soon after creating Team Mohamed’s, he realized its bigger purpose. The team has to go beyond just representing Guyana on the global sports platform. The goal of Team Mohamed’s is to improve the country’s car racing infrastructure and make sports more popular.

Within a short time, Team Mohamed’s has taken the sport of racing to much higher levels of development and growth. Apart from achieving several milestones and creating records, Team Mohamed’s has become the face of modern racing sports in the country. The team has an incredible fleet of vehicles that is on par with world-renowned racing teams. Currently, Team Mohamed’s owns 3 GTRs ranging in horsepower from 2,000hp to 2,500hp, making them unbeatable at any racing event. The team also has professional sports bikes, a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, and a 4000hp Pro Mod Ford Mustang. Team Mohamed’s will likely add more undefeatable beasts to its fleet in the coming years.

Team Mohamed’s is making every effort to bring a competitive edge to the sport of racing in Guyana. Azruddin and his entire management team are working hard to elevate racing standards by utilizing overseas connections to hire the best professional racing drivers. Team Mohamed’s has drivers from the United States of America, Canada, and England who are introducing the much-needed discipline and thrill to this sport in Guyana. The team also invests a portion of its budget and human resources in upgrading Guyana’s motorsports facilities.

So far, Team Mohamed’s has been undefeated in races throughout Guyana and the Caribbean. However, racing is not the only area on which the team is currently focused. Apart from racing tracks, Team Mohamed’s is equally active in supporting and sponsoring other sports in the country, such as football and basketball tournaments. It has spent millions to develop race tracks and infrastructure all over Guyana, including the most challenging one at the South Dakota Circuit. Team Mohamed’s constructed pavilions, washroom facilities, and imported modern equipment. The team is also looking after the cleanliness of the track and leaving no stone unturned to make racing more competitive and versatile in Guyana.

Team Mohamed’s is now undoubtedly dominating the racing scene in Guyana. With this unending zeal to excel, the team will be one of the top professional racing teams in the world in the near future.

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