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Antony May, (0xspirou), on Crossing the Bridge Between Web2 and Web3


Web3 is the third worldwide web group intended to be a digital space open to all.

Individuals are allowed to communicate and generate spontaneously without limit or intrusion. Web3 will entail a more modified experience, allowing users ownership over their data. Web3 uses blockchain technology and related unique operator identifiers for internet users to control what is shared. Blockchain is the storage capability to save data on distributed systems.

Web2, on the other hand, is the descendent of Web1 and emphasizes the web as a platform and provides more openings for association, functionality, various applications, and user-generated content. It is the worldwide web currently in use.

Antony May, popularly known as 0xspirou, is a web entrepreneur based in France. He is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who has already achieved success. Using his skills, he helps  companies become digital natives by implementing new marketing and digital solutions from big companies to small ones. Antony established a company called Mymay that provides a growth hacking solution for social media, and month after month, they provide a multichannel solution for Web2 and Web3.

0xspirou helps companies to find the best digital solution. They have helped many companies around the world create meaningful experiences. Mymay is a 360° web agency that develops digital projects with ambition. They are experts with vast knowledge and expertise and offer various forms of collaboration. They have numerous

high-end services that cover every stage of the project, from design to implementation, that is, marketing strategy, website design, growth hacking, and Web3.

Their concept brainstorms your needs to find the best ideas, has strategic master plans and business concept strategies, and helps social media users create the best content. Their graphic design is a standard of their film production that is constantly delivered.

0xspirou couldn’t be happier with his achievements. He uses his skills to help companies with their digital development and has been a digital native from an early age. At 14, Antony became an Apple associate through his troubleshooting skills.

0xspirou faced various challenges while beginning his company. Attracting new customers without a track record was challenging, but he never devalued his skills. He firmly believes that if you bring value, it will be rewarded, and you don’t have to undervalue it to sell it.

0xspirou is generous enough to share his wisdom with others. Antony says, “There was Web1 with emails, and then there was Web2 with algorithms knowing you better than your wife, and now, Web3 where you can log in everywhere anonymously.” With Web3 still approaching mass adoption with brands, 0xspirou believes that there is much opportunity to be a trail-blazing brand on Web3 in the next few years. To this end, he helps companies get one foot into Web3, and for those who are struggling with Web2, they plan to launch a strategic marketing campaign to help them continue growing.

0xspirou is developing himself as an entrepreneur, building new projects in Web3. He wants to bring a fresh vision and help companies build their brands, crossing a bridge between Web2 and Web3. 0xspirou also aims to implement new ideas and projects in the next few years.

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