How Kurdmax Media Network Brought Premium Entertainment Into Homes


Ten years ago, entertainment was taboo in Kurdish. The region didn’t have many entertainment channels, and it was hard to find a program written in Kurdish as most were dubbed. According to the team behind Kurdmax Media Network, this was the main reason that inspired them to launch their TV station, Kurdmax TV.

They wanted a media channel that focuses not only on politics and news but also on entertainment. Kurdmax Media Network provides Kurdmax TV, Kurdmax Music, Kurdmax Pepula, and Show TV offering a variety of programs.

Kurdmax TV is one of the first media stations in the Kurdish region to broadcast local dramas and series. Kurdmax TV airs different local programs throughout the day and night. They also have international series and dramas dubbed in Kurdish.

The network’s unique approach to the Kurdish media industry and talented reporters have made Kurdmax TV the leading news and entertainment channel in the Kurdish region. This has also helped the team safely navigate the highly-regulated sector and overcome numerous obstacles.

Kurdmax media has encountered various roadblocks, from economic crises to political wars, which saw many companies and TV channels shut down their offices. During the ISIS war, many organizations closed down and were declared bankrupt. But Kurdmax survived and managed to grow its brand.

 Kurdmax Media Network has been voted the best media network in the Kurdish region of Iraq for five consecutive years (from 2017-2022). Kurdmax TV has one of the highest viewership, according to the 2021 IPSOS report. The company also has one of the biggest YouTube channels in Kurdish with over 1.3M subscribers.

Since the launch of the media network almost ten years ago, Kurdmax TV has been disrupting the entertainment industry in the Kurdish region and supporting young talents. Kurdmax TV has brought premium entertainment into homes while sharing the Kurdish culture with the rest of the world.

The CEO says their goal is to build a more robust media network that withstands all obstacles in the field by focusing on issues affecting society. It is hard to penetrate the Kurdish market. There are many challenges, and considering the industry is just starting to take shape, it faces many rules and regulations. Kurdmax Media Network, through Kurdmax TV, is looking to build a more solid entertainment field as they bring premium entertainment into homes.

Kurdmax is using its media network to spread positivity and share happiness with others. They have introduced more entertainment shows for children and families and are using their programs to teach children about Kurdish culture and traditions. They also have dubbed Kurdish programs, giving the community a chance to connect with other parts of the world.

The Kurdish region has faced many challenges, especially with the conflict between this region and neighboring countries. This has made it harder for independent media companies to break into the industry. But it has not stopped Kurdmax Media Network. Kurdmax started its journey ten years ago, and it has managed to successfully bring premium entertainment into homes, making it a leading entertainment channel in the region. The company is also planning to introduce a digital media platform.

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