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Are the Effects of Delta 8 and Delta 9 the Same?

Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 THC have very different effects on how you feel when you use them.


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Delta 9 THC and its synthetic cousin Delta 8 do share some important characteristics, like similar molecular structure, for example. They both come from hemp. And they both utilize receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system to deliver support and improvement to various parts of your body.

But some of the effects of how they do their jobs will make you feel a little differently, depending on which version of Delta you choose to use. So, are the effects of Delta 8 vs Delta 9 THC the same? Many cannabis users say no.

How Does Delta 9 Make You Feel?

While both Delta 8 and Delta 9 have the potential to create a feeling of relaxation, calm, and maybe even a feeling of mild intoxication, users generally will feel more of these effects from Delta 9 because it is more potent than Delta 8.

Many users experience this calmness but also report better sleep, improved mood, cognitive improvements, and even greater athletic performance or recovery times.

Because Delta 9 is federally regulated in CBD oil products, there’s 0.3% or less THC concentrated by dry weight of the finished products. For this reason, unless you are particularly sensitive to the effects of THC, the effects are more of a relaxed feeling than an intoxicating one.

This allows you to reap the health and wellness benefits from the THC while still being able to carry out your daily activities. Plus, you’ll get some pretty sound sleep as the THC can help to regulate and support your sleep cycle.

Furthermore, because Delta 9 is extracted more naturally, you won’t have the worries of synthetic or chemical contaminants as you may have with the more unnatural process of creating Delta 8 in a lab.

How Does Delta 8 THC Make You Feel?

Because many cannabis users are more familiar with the effects of Delta 9, they’re more prone to asking how the Delta 8 effects differ.

For one, Delta 8 is notoriously less potent than Delta 9, though exactly why is unclear. It could have to do with the slightly different molecular structure, with the double carbon bond located at the 8th chain for Delta 8 and the 9th chain for Delta 9.

Or, it could be because of how Delta 8 is synthesized by chemical processing in a lab, rather than being formed more naturally like Delta 9. We know that both Delta 8 and Delta 9 work within the body’s endocannabinoid system, but how either of them performs is still a little mysterious.

But the upshot is this: On the whole, Delta 8 seems to be less effective across all areas of benefits when compared to the cleaner and more natural form of THC: Delta 9.

Some users who are especially sensitive to THC may think that Delta 8 is the way to go – but simply reducing concentration or quantity of regular Delta 9 would likely be a more cost-efficient way to soften the psychoactive effects of the THC.

Is Delta 9 THC Better than Delta 8?

If you want the cleanest, most potent and natural form of THC, then yes, Delta 9 THC is superior to Delta 8. You can find the always popular Delta 9 THC gummies, and there are even specialty products like Delta 9 microdosing capsules.

If you’re not sure what kind of THC is in a full spectrum product, you can contact the manufacturer or check to see if the distinction is made in the product information and ingredients. cbdMD only makes its products using Delta 9 THC derived from hemp, and this includes all of the full spectrum CBD+THC products.

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