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How to Dose Delta 9 THC

A quick guide on how to dose the best form of THC out there, Delta 9 THC, so you get the best benefits most easily and effectively.


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But first, what is Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 is the most clean and natural form of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the intoxicating substance found in hemp plants.

Federal law mandates that no more than 0.3 % of Delta 9 THC can be included by dry weight of any finished CBD product. Because this is such a small amount, Delta 9 is generally preferred over other less potent forms of THC like Delta 8.

Also, because this is such a small amount, the intoxicating effects of the THC are generally lower in CBD products, producing a nice relaxed feeling that helps many users to have a more enjoyable, yet productive experience.

Because THC is intoxicating if you use too much at once, you need to know how to dose your Delta 9 THC products to get those health and wellness perks you’re after without unwanted effects.

How Do You Take Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 THC-specific products are often taken in addition to a regular twice-daily regimen of CBD oils, but they can also be taken as a stand-alone wellness plan.

The trick is to know when you need the effects of THC, and to take the right amounts for your body size, metabolism, and your overall wellness objectives. Take too much and you could find yourself staring at the television or napping rather than getting things done.

What Kind of Delta 9 Should You Take?

The kind of Delta 9 you take is important for how you go about using your products.

  1. You could use a Full Spectrum CBD+THC product with Delta 9 in it. This would be taken twice daily, the same amount each time, on a regular basis. Many people opt for this method and then use more Delta 9 in specialty products when they want more supportive calm. These products tend to have lower tHC concentrations, think 1 to 2 mfg per serving.
  2. You could use a Delta 9 specific product, like Delta 9 THC gummies, for a great downtime option to boost benefits and help regulate your mood and energy levels – naturally and calmly.
  3. You could opt for the highest level of control with a Delta 9 Microdose capsule product that allows you to make micro-adjustments to your THC levels. It’s like having a happy hemp helper with you all-day long for all-day support.

How Much Delta 9 THC Should You Take?

How much product you take will depend on the type of product (oils vs capsules vs gummies, etc.) and the concentrations of Delta 9 in the product.

Full spectrum CBD oils, for example, may have Delta 9 THC in them but they also contain a wider cannabis plant profile: other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, or CBN, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Delta 9-THC-specific products are most commonly in gummy form and have a higher concentration of THC, though they can also include other cannabinoids.

To check the concentrations, look to see how much THC is included per bottle, then per serving. Further calculations may be needed if you take a portion of a dose, rather than a full dose, a common way of using Delta 9 gummies.

How to Use Your Delta 9 Products

Aside from regularly taking some THC in CBD oil formulations, some people want the option to utilize THC more deliberately. This may be to help level out moods and natural energy fluctuations or to help get that extra measure of sleep support.

This is where specialty Delta 9 THC products are quite useful. But, as with anything, you need to be precise and mindful about how you use them.

  • Make sure you are OK to take Delta 9 or any other cannabis extract by checking with your doctor.
  • Choose the lowest concentration based on your body size. You can always go to the next strongest concentration, if needed, as you get used to how the product affects your body.
  • Choose dosage based on your body as well. To get started, use a portion of a dose so you can test run how it affects you and makes you feel. Do this at home. If the product makes you sleepy, you don’t want to be at work or out on the road driving a car.
  • Always follow the packaging guidelines for a dose, and don’t exceed the maximum recommended.

As you become more familiar with how Delta 9 THC affects you, you can then get creative with how you use it.

Take a part of a gummy right before a stressful event, for example. Or take a full gummy before bed so you can get a really good night’s sleep or ease away some muscle soreness you accumulated during the day.

Delta 9 gummies are also a popular way to bridge the lull between regular CBD oil servings. For those with higher metabolisms, half a gummy right after work, for example, can make all the difference.

What Is Microdosing and How Does it Work?

Microdosing means to take small doses of a highly concentrated substance, like Delta 9 THC, giving you the ability to customize your THC use. It’s perfect for athletes who use Delta 9 for workout and recovery enhancement, but also for people who are THC knowledgeable and want full control over their Delta 9 levels.

Microdoses are small but frequent, typically every four to six hours. The idea is to keep a steady level of THC in your system without highs and lows.

Whichever method of Delta 9 you use, how to dose Delta 9 is as simple as knowing your products and paying close attention to how they affect you. Then, make small adjustments until you get your daily regimen perfected for your personalized needs!

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