Top Talents To Follow In 2022

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Ayush Mehta

Ayush Mehta is owner of a PR and marketing agency Tedfuel. Ayush Mehta made a great space for himself in the field of journalism and entrepreneurship. In 2020, Ayush and Tedfuel Agency had a wildly successful year they are doing PR for thousands of brands in a year where online visibility became a must-have.

In Ayush’s words; “We don’t pick up Fortune 500 companies every day, but in the last two years alone, more small businesses and individual brands have launched online than we have ever seen. Right now, quantity is more important than quality as long as your service delivery is impeccable regardless of the client’s size.”

Jerome Gerodias

Jerome Gerodias is a well-known digital marketing expert and dynamic entrepreneur who has been able to build an impressive marketing and digital company all within the power of instagram and social media. From social media growth, branding, and NFT marketing.

Jerome is a young Entrepreneur who is on a quest to empower Entrepreneurs in engaging the digital age effectively. He began minimal, as any entrepreneur, and since then has assisted several small, medium, and large businesses in becoming successful in the internet via the use of public relations and branding.

He assists businesses in identifying social venues and distinguishing them from platforms intended for brand promotion. This enables companies to develop the connections and significant collaborations required for their success.

Follow him on Instagram @fitevo_jerome

Bhavin Swadas

Bhavin Swadas is co-founder of Couponsaturn – a leading couponing website. Bhavin has been in online marketing and couponining business since 2011. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the world to save millions. Basically, Coupon Saturn is act as a bridge between shoppers and merchants. Manually updated stores and coupons for even medium to less known stores makes the 1 first choice among the shoppers all around the world. If you shop online frequently, then the coupons are the best solution to get a discount.

Brian D. Evans 

Brian D. Evans is a lifelong entrepreneur that has founded, advised and consulted multiple companies in various industries & verticals such as eCommerce, tech and SaaS platforms, digital publishing, NFTs, blockchain, AI, marketing & advertising, video game & mobile app marketing, and more. A prominent figure with over 1 million Twitter followers in the Web3, crypto and blockchain movement, Brian is a partner at ReBlock Ventures, which is an advisor and incubator for Web3 projects. 

Ty Carter

Ty Carter – is a fast-rising star from SLC known for his creative leadership at Disney and Netflix and success on multiple feature-length films with Pixar and Blue Sky Studios. You might also remember his Emmy Award-winning student film, DreamGiver (2011). He is the creative genius behind the LGND brand who revolutionized the blockchain space with breakthrough galleries at Basel Miami, ComplexCon and EDC in 2021. He is that uncommon individual that possesses the soul of an artist, the mind of an entrepreneur, and the generous heart of a teacher. Keep an eye out for his work and a big year ahead. | IG: @tycarterart


“Longstocking, a.k.a Denni Longstocking Kindred, hails from Seattle, Washington and is the labelboss/A&R for the new dance label Feral One Records. TKO, a.k.a. Tyler Kromm is a resident of Calgary, Alberta, and has worked with Longstocking previously as a remixer on her Troupe Remixed album. Both dance producers are no strangers to pushing underground dance music forward, and it shows through their music which is always a fresh adventure. Marinate in it here!

Cory Chamberlain

As a sales and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience, Cory Chamberlain knows how to take one’s online presence to the next level. Ace Pacific works with businesses of all sizes, musicians, and start-ups seeking investment. With the right narrative, Ace Pacific helps companies become disruptors and thought leaders in their industries. He also assists professional service companies in developing and implementing a PR strategy by co-founding FatCatPR located in Pittsburgh PA. He is also the founder of MusicallyMilked, an entertainment and media magazine featuring the hottest news and entertainment.

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