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Marko Stout – A Rising Star in the Art World


What happens when imagination is let loose, rules ignored, and boundaries are broken? Marko Stout is what you get. The now famous artist began his career painting abstracts while living aboard a boathouse in San Francisco Bay. His work was noticed by the popular Farley West Gallery who successfully exhibited and sold the young artist’s early works, and his popularity only grew from there. Stout then relocated to New York City, where he developed his current style and his popularity continued to grow after a series of sold-out solo exhibitions.

While the global pandemic forced some artists to find new ways and think differently about their work, it doesn’t apply to Marko. He was one of New York’s most beloved hidden gems with his works blowing up globally in 2019. Marko didn’t just participate in his own creation; moreover, he expanded his legacy to some global projects, including the production of the LIPS Film Festival.

Marko has also received many accolades in the past few years, from being compared to Andy Warhol and with admiration notes from many celebrity fans including The Kardashian, Boy George and Paula Abdul, with many now praising Stout as one of New York City’s Hottest Artists. He was even deemed as the one who has been able to redefine the essence of contemporary art in this modern era.

Marko’s art is unique, singular, sometimes bizarre and often erotic. It’s practically impossible to categorize his art into a single genre. With a glimpse of contemporary style, hints of architectural mastery, and a pinch of modern art, he aims to explore a different and hidden side of sexuality no one has ever seen before, which is genuinely apparent in his “Erotic Allure” series. Striking colors of reds, blues, pinks, and even gold, have also been one of his trademarks that produced a striking and eye-catching art piece. The hidden message behind his arts has also been the thing that intrigues his fans the most.

Marko is and has always been a visual artist. He expresses himself not only through his arts, but his peculiar characteristic fashion and personality have always been his other charm. His curious and flamboyant personality, combined with the killer looks of a rockstar, dark jaunty outfits, Avant Garde fedora hats, and exquisite aviator sunglasses, is always an eye-candy for his admirer.

Since his virality started, he has been recognized globally and gathered some astounding names as his fans which include Paula Abdul, Boy George, Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary, Debra Messing (Will & Grace), Caitlyn Jenner, Snooki, RuPaul, Charlie Sheen, Carson Kressley, David Haselhoff, Lindsey Cohen and many more.

“Marko Stout is vibrant, bold, and playful. He is a modern-day Warhol. His work takes you to another place, it’s like another dimension. The vibrant colors are very Jeff Koons. It’s very exciting and inspirational. I think his work is absolutely amazing.” – Lindsey Cohen

His reign as one of today’s hottest artists in the world of modern art seems to be inevitable, and his sky-rocketing prominence in the industry is only going to grown over time. His art will likely be deemed to sit at the summit of contemporary art and has been the subject of erudition.

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