Vin Scully Always Knocked It Out of the Park

Remembering the voice of the Dodgers—from Brooklyn to L.A.


Sports fans everywhere were saddened to hear of the passing of Vin Scully, on Tuesday. Among the many tributes to the legendary sportscaster, LA Weekly writer Lina Lecaro remembers the hometown announcer, pointing out that the paper often covered the Dodgers veteran play-by-play man—even how he announced his retirement, back in 2016, at age 88. Lecaro points out how the Bronx-born Scully, who began describing Dodgers games over the radio when the team was still in Brooklyn, represented “the nostalgia, the nuances of the game, and the spirit of the sport.” She also recounts the tale of a writer who ranked Scully No. 2 on a 2013 “12 Most Overrated Things in Los Angeles” list, in an effort to gin up online engagement. The reaction was not pretty.

Visit LA Weekly to get Lecaro’s full story, as well as videos of some of Scully’s most memorable calls. —VV editors

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