Best Silver IRA Rollover Companies – Buyer Beware


If you want to live your life to the fullest without worrying about how economic disruptions such as inflation could affect your savings, you should switch from your current retirement plan to a silver IRA.

We know finding the right company to work with is stressful because one wrong decision and all your life savings could go down the drain. So to make this process easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best companies offering silver IRA rollover.

Top 4 Silver IRA Companies At A Glance

  1. Augusta Precious Metals: Best Silver IRA Company Overall
  2. American Hartford Gold: Runner Up
  3. Birch Gold: Top Choice For Beginners
  4. Goldco: Great Minimal Prices

#1 Augusta Precious Metals: Best Silver IRA Company Overall

Our top pick as the best silver investment company is Augusta Precious Metals. This company is known for its extraordinary services and has received one of the highest ratings. Unlike other companies, Augusta Precious Metals takes its time in building a trustful relationship with their clients. They want to educate all their customers on the importance of diversification and how important gold and silver IRAs are in hedging against inflation.

They have an easy few step self-directed IRA setup, this process is thoroughly explained to all customers, and they are assisted throughout. One thing about this company that sets it apart from other companies is that even after the IRA has been set up, Augusta’s staff remains at your service and treats all their new and former clients equally.

Augusta strongly enforces three things to strengthen further its relationship with clients: transparency, simplicity, and service. They practice complete transparency with all their clients, acknowledging the importance of IRAs and suggesting things based on their benefit to clients. They keep their setup process simple and easy so that beginners do not find it confusing. They provide you with top-notch service and assist you the entire time they work with you.

To help customers at all times, they have 24/7 chat assistance on their website for all sorts of queries. They also assist with paperwork, so you do not feel lost. Professionals at Augusta help you make the best investments that will benefit you in the future. With Augusta, your heart can be at complete peace knowing all your physical assets are safely kept in the highly guarded Delaware Depositary. The metals are legally documented and inaccessible by workers.


  • Have received zero complaints from customers
  • Triple-A rating from BCA
  • BBB has given them a very high rating
  • Easy few steps self-directed IRA setup
  • Have a 24/7 live chat option on their website
  • Thousand of positive reviews on multiple platforms
  • Has received high ratings on trust link
  • Provide professional customer assistance at the time of setup and even after


  • A minimum investment of $50000 is required at the start
  • Limited selection of bullions
  • You can not set up your IRA online

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#2 American Hartford Gold: Runner Up

Second, on our list, we have American Hartford, a California-based company known for its simple IRA setup and immediate delivery. They offer one of the widest selections of gold, silver, and other metal bullions. Currently, it is one of the top leading IRA companies, and they offer silver and gold IRAs and IRA rollovers. They believe all individuals should invest a portion of their savings into gold or silver to protect it from economic instability.

To help newcomers gain more knowledge on the topic of precious metal investments and rollover IRAs, they offer everyone a free-of-cost information guide on the topic. You can sign up for this guide on their website.

The process of setting up an IRA is very simple at American Hartford; the first thing they do is connect you to a silver and gold specialist that suggests you a plan based on your needs. Once you have decided what metal would be best for you, you can then purchase these physical assets. The best thing about working with American Hartford is that shortly after purchase, you receive secure delivery of your assets, so you do not have to worry for days.

To ensure all their customers are attended to, they offer a 24/7 live chat option on their website for you to turn to for any queries. If you desire more detailed assistance, they also have a helpline number on their website that directly connects you to a specialist. American Hartford is the right choice if you want a smooth and stress-free experience. They have received thousands of positive reviews and high ratings on platforms like Trustpilot.


  • It is one of the top leading gold and silver IRA company
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) has approved them and given them an A-plus rating
  • Directly connect you with a precious metals specialist through a phone call
  • Friendly customer service
  • Offer a wide variety of bullions to select from, such as bars, coins, etc
  • Immediately deliver all physical assets safely to your doorstep
  • Have a chat feature on their website for all sorts of questions
  • You can sign up for their free information guide on their website


  • Their transactions take around 3-5 days to process
  • Currently, they are not delivering physical assets anywhere outside the United States

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#3 Birch Gold: Top Choice For Beginners

Next up is Birch Gold, one of the biggest dealers of gold and silver in the whole United States. They provide a lot of different services like gold and silver IRA, IRA rollovers, and purchase physical metal bullions. They are known for their top-quality services and have received one of the highest ratings from BBB and BCA. To ensure customers’ comfort, they assist them throughout the process.

They have a very simple setup process, but the first thing they do is connect all their customers with a financial silver and gold specialist that studies your case and gives you advice. These advisors help you decide how much savings you should be investing in and what sorts of metals you should be purchasing with these funds.

To help beginners get a better understanding of metal investment, Birch offers all new customers a free-of-cost information kit that they can sign up for on their website. This kit contains information on gold and silver IRAs and IRA rollovers. To further assist all their customers, they also have a helpline on their website that customers can call to get their questions answered.

Birch is so well known because they make sure to provide everyone with a plan unique to their needs that helps them get the best out of their savings. They strongly encourage individuals to invest in precious metals as it helps their savings hedge against inflation. They offer different metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. They have received 5-star ratings on multiple reviewing platforms and trustpilot.


  • BBB has given them an A-plus rating
  • Get you direct contact with silver and financial specialists
  • BCA has given a triple-A rating
  • Deal in multiple metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium
  • Have 5-star rating on trust pilot and other platforms
  • Offer immediate and safe delivery
  • They also offer a free-of-cost information guide that you can sign up for on their website


  • A minimum investment of $10000 is required
  • Do not offer a buying back plan
  • They have possible hidden fees that you have to look out for
  • You can only sign up through a specific link

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#4 Goldco: Great Minimal Prices

Lastly, we have Goldco, one of the leading precious metals investment companies in the United States. Goldco is known for having one of the simplest IRA setups and is approved by both BBB (Better Business Bureau) and BCA (Business Consumer Alliance). With Goldco, you can invest in different metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, or you can also invest in a combination of all these metals.

Many reviewing platforms suggest this company as the best company for beginners because it takes just three easy and quick steps to set up your self-directed IRA. Goldco staff assists all their clients throughout the process and makes suggestions unique to clients’ future needs. They also introduce customers to great custodians, and the best thing about Goldco is that with their IRA, they offer an amazing buying back plan, so you do not have to worry about that in the future.

Based on your requirement, Goldco offers precious metal IRAs, IRA rollovers, and also offers to purchase physical assets. They have a wide selection of bullions, such as bars and coins. They have very friendly customer service and also provide assistance in setting up your account. To make sure they are at your service at all times, they have a 24/7 live chat feature on their website where you clear any of your queries.

To help those that are new to investment, they provide beginners with an information guide that they can easily sign up for on their website. This guide contains information on gold and silver IRA, IRA rollovers, and the importance of diversification. Goldco has also been accredited by CAA (Consumer Affairs Accredited) and has full ratings on trustpilot. If you want to opt for a company that does not have heavy maintenance charges, then Goldco is a great option.


  • BCA has given it a triple-A
  • A-plus rating by BBB
  • Many 5-star reviews and ratings
  • Offer a free-of-cost information guide on silver and gold investment and rollover IRAs
  • Low annual maintenance charges
  • Offer 24/7 live chat assistance on their website


  • You have to invest a minimum of $50000
  • They do not accept payments or transactions via credit/debit cards
  • You can not set up an account online with them

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Benefits Of Silver IRAs

Diversification of your savings is so important that all finance experts nowadays emphasize its importance. You should invest portions of your savings into multiple different investment plans, so if in the future you were to face some major damage in one of your investments, you would have the others to rely on. How much of your savings you invest and where you invest is a crucial decision because one wrong call and you could lose all your money.

Professionals find gold and silver investments to be one of the most sensible investments for a stable future. Silver investment has far more benefits than any other precious metal. If you select a good silver IRA company to work with, your life would be so much easier, and you would get the most profit off of your savings.

Silver IRA companies are great to work with because they reduce half of your work; within a few simple steps, you have a fully established account. Most reputable companies like all the ones mentioned in this guide provide all their customers contact with a silver specialist that advises them in the best way possible. The assistance of the company’s professionally qualified staff helps you become more educated on silver investment and make the most profitable decision which otherwise one would not be able to make on their own.

Silver has always been less expensive than gold, making silver IRAs less intimidating than gold IRAs. Normally the high prices of gold tend to scare off investors, but it is easier to invest in silver because you can start off with any amount possible that you feel comfortable investing in. Although silver is cheaper, that does not mean it has any less value than gold; it has  shown a relatively higher yearly increase in prices and is becoming increasingly popular.

Companies make the process of buying physical assets way easier for you than if you were to go out of your way to purchase some yourself. IRAs also ensure that your silver bullions are safely secured. All the companies mentioned in this guide store their bullions in one of the safest depositories in the United States. With some IRA companies, you also get a guaranteed buying back plan.

This buying back plan is a safer option for the future because if you need part of your savings urgently, you would not have the time to look for buyers. Silver is also easier to sell off in comparison to other precious metals.

Why Invest In Silver IRAs?

There are countless benefits to putting a part of your savings into IRAs, more specifically silver IRAs. Some of the biggest reasons why silver IRAs are so beneficial are as follows:

Strong Industrial Demand

Many different industries are demanding more and more silver by the day. With the growing population and more industrialization, the use of silver and other metals is increasing. This increase in industrial demand only increases the value of silver, which is something all investors can benefit from. If you were to compare the demand rate of gold from last year to this year, you would notice a great increase.

If you were to purchase silver bullions right now, their value would increase yearly. Not only that, but this increased rate is also growing greater over the years. Even though gold is much more valuable than silver, its yearly increase rate is still less than silver. So your money’s value would definitely increase more as silver bullions than it would as gold.

Global Demand

Globally silver’s demand rate is growing insanely, not only due to industrial purposes but also for investment purposes. If you compare the global demand rate, it increases by a greater percentage every year. There is no perfect time to be investing in silver bullions as, by the end of the year, they would only increase in value. Compared to other global markets such as crypto, stocks, etc., the silver market globally is quite stable. You wouldn’t have to study the market’s daily changes and worry about them.

People find investing in silver so much easier, which again is another reason behind its popular demand. Silver is inexpensive in comparison to gold, making it a less stressful and intimidating option for investment. If we talk about demand rates globally, silver is doing much better than gold. If your country’s economy is not doing well for unfortunate reasons, your silver would still hold its value globally. You can sell your bullions at any time anywhere if you need money.

Hedge Against Depreciation

The most important factor that makes silver an amazing investment option is that it holds its ground against currency depreciation. It hedges against inflation and deflation. Other investments like stocks, real estate, and bonds are severely affected by economic turmoils. So the portion of your savings that you put in your silver IRA will be safe and the least affected by such events.

In times of need, if your other investment plans go into decline, you easily rely on your silver investment. The silver market can face a decline too, but this damage is usually quite minor and easily recovered. In the long run, the profit from silver investment is so great that these minor decreases are not even noticed.

What Does Silver IRA Rollover Mean?

Silver IRA rollover is basically a process by which you switch funds from your current retirement plan to a silver IRA in which you can purchase bullions. Suppose you wish to diversify your savings and invest a portion of it into buying silver bullions. In that case, you can not do so with your basic IRA, so you need to find a company that does silver IRA rollovers to make this process easier for you.

Usually, all companies roll over accounts into silver IRAs very easily. It would be best if you made phone calls to your previous custodian to transfer your savings into your new silver IRA. It is up to you if you want to move all of your savings from your precious IRA to your new silver IRA or if you want to move just a part of these savings.

Just like you have different stocks and cryptocurrencies to select from, once you have rolled over to a silver IRA, you have various bullions to select from. You can select coins, bars, or even jewelry, depending on your choice. All bullions are safely moved to the depositary that the company of your choice works with. You can keep track of your funds and bullions at all times. Once you retire or need immediate cash, your company sells your bullions for you or can securely deliver your physical assets to your doorstep.

Understanding What A Silver IRA Rollover Entails

Investing in precious metals saves your money from being damaged by inflation, deflation, and other currency devaluations. Unlike all other investments like stock, crypto, and real estate, the silver market is the least likely to crash. Even if the silver market were to crash, the value of your bullions would not be deeply impacted, and this damage would also quickly recover, unlike other investments.

Your silver IRA is your safety blanket in times of economic instability. Suppose your money was sitting in a traditional IRA. In that case, it can lose most of its value when the country’s economy is affected, but when in a silver IRA, it is protected against such uncertainties and increases its value. Silver is increasingly becoming more popular, so the money that you invest into your silver IRA would likely turn out more profitable than any other investment plan.

Which Accounts Are Eligible To Be Rolled Over To A Silver IRA

People are always confused and curious whether their current retirement plan can be rolled over into a silver IRA or not. With the typical retirement plans that most employer companies offer, you cannot purchase silver or gold bullions which is why the process of easily rolling over into a precious metals IRA has been introduced. Most popular silver investment companies offer silver IRA rollover; however, you have to make sure beforehand if your current account is eligible for rollover.

People that have a Roth, Traditional, Simple, or SEP-IRA can transfer their funds to a silver IRA at any time. Other retirement investment accounts like 401(k), TIAA CREF, 403(b), Thrift Savings Plan, Pension Plan, 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, Beneficiary IRA, and non-prototype IRA are also eligible for a rollover. Most companies do offer rollover IRAs with all these types of accounts, but they could differ. It is entirely up to you whether you transfer entire or a part of funds from your former account to a new silver IRA.

Most companies nowadays offer rollover IRAs by just following a few simple steps. It is possible that the company you wish to work with does not offer a silver IRA rollover with your current account, so while conducting your research, ask the company of your choice questions regarding this.

A “Hassle-Free” Silver IRA Rollover

It might sound really hectic to close off one account and start up a new one, but with the latest methods that most companies follow nowadays, a silver IRA rollover is possible within a few simple steps. You can start off by contacting your financial advisor and getting educated on how much of your funds you should be investing into a silver IRA. Once you know what type of bullions and service you’re looking for, you can decide what company you want to work with that best suits your interests.

If the company of your choice does silver IRA rollovers, and your current account is eligible for a rollover, you can then proceed. It takes a simple phone call to your former custodian to have all or a part of your funds transferred from your old IRA to a silver IRA. Most people worry that this transfer has severe tax consequences, but to most people’s surprise, this while transfer is tax-free, which makes this entire process less hectic.

Once your transaction has been completed, you can use your funds to purchase silver bullions. A self-directed silver IRA gives you much more control over your savings. All the bullions purchased are moved to safe facilities and, after retirement, are safely delivered.

Final Thought – Silver IRA Rollover

Although every company mentioned in this guide stands out in its own way, they’re all some of the best companies because they all have excellent service and friendly staff. The main thing here is you need to diversify your savings and invest a good portion into precious metals.

We understand that this is a very important decision, so we feel the best silver investment company to work with is Augusta Precious Metals. This company makes the process of silver IRA rollover easier, but also offers assistance throughout the time you work with them. This customer service is what sets Augusta apart from most companies; even after your account has been set up, they provide you assistance on all matters.

Augusta has been approved by both BBB and BCA, which are very reputable platforms. It has also received 5-stars from trust links and many other reviewing sites. It was part of trust link’s “best of” list for several years in a row. Plus, they store all the physical assets you purchase in one of the most secure depositories in the United States.

At last, which company is the best suited for you is a decision you will have to make based on your personal investment needs for the future. This guide, however, will significantly help in directing you to the best options!

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