‘Fall’ Reaches Some Suspenseful Heights

Ever since Hitchcock marooned several disparate characters in a lifeboat, movies have thrived on confined spaces.


In his review of the corny, but ultimately satisfying new thriller, Fall, Nathaniel Bell writes, “Among our most primal fears—of the dark, of extreme weather, of public speaking—it’s the fear of falling that most commonly haunts our nightmares.”

Director Scott Mann generates sweaty palms by wringing out every last bit of suspense as his characters climb a derelict TV tower in the middle of the desert. One character, Becky (Grace Caroline Curry) had hung up her rope and carabiners after her husband fell to his death while scaling a granite monolith, but her aspiring YouTuber friend Hunter (Virginia Gardner) pulls her out of retirement and, “after some smooth climbing—the camera and soundtrack savoring every rusty plank and loose screw on the way up—the ladder gives way and strands them at the top of the tower, 2,000 feet in the air.”

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