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3rB CEO Discusses the Importance of Teamwork as a Catalyst for Success


Teamwork is a critical skill for success in many fields. It is a skill many entrepreneurs and organizations value in today’s job market. When teamwork is effective, it results in improved communication and collaboration, paving the way for seamless operations. Teamwork is effective because people contribute their unique skills, talents, and experiences for a common goal. This creates room for more creativity and innovation and provides benefits far beyond boosting the company’s bottom line. The benefits may include better problem solving, more growth opportunities, boosted productivity, expanded creativity, increased potential for innovation, happier team members, less burnout, smarter risk-taking, and many more.

3rB SQUAD, aka 3rB, is the first Middle East esports team that used the power of teamwork to get where they are today. The team was founded by a Saudi Arabian, Hamad Saleh, in 2007. Five years later, Hamad extended the team by creating a YouTube channel, 3rB SQUAD, and uploaded the first sniping montage. Amazingly, 3rB was the first and only Middle East team that had a contract with the famous Machinima in 2012. The contract lasted for seven years until Machinima permanently shut down.

The 3rB team participated in several UAE and world tournaments and won many prizes. They took first place in the Call of Duty: Elite launch in Nov 2011. Unfortunately, after over two years in operation, Elite was shut down in Feb 2014, prompting the 3rB team to focus on montages since there was no local tournament.

After a couple of years and intense modification, the 3rB team resurfaced two years ago. Fortunately, the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship was released  the same year that 3rB made a comeback. They competed in the 2020 and 2021 tournaments and attained second place. Earlier this year, the Saudi Federation for

Electronic Sports officially licensed the team under the International Federation of Electronic Sports. 3rB was also privileged to be the first Middle East clan to make collaborative montages with FaZe Clan.

When asked what lessons Hamad learned from the business, he says that teamwork is a crucial component of daily life since it is all about conflict, compromise, and resolution. He also believes that one cannot achieve much by themselves.

Hamad also suggests that teamwork leads to enhanced personal growth. By sharing information and cross-training, it helps each team member flourish. You might discover new concepts from colleagues with different experiences and similarly learn from someone else’s mistakes, which helps you sidestep future errors. Through

teamwork, you can also learn something new about yourself. “People have blind

spots about their behaviors and strengths that they may be unaware of, and feedback from a team member can expose them. This will help you identify these strengths and address the weaknesses, making you a better team member and even a better person,” adds Hamad.

Being the first Middle East esports team to make it to the top, Hamad explains the journey has been quite challenging. However, he is grateful to have worked through them and taken the business to higher heights. Five years from now, he aims to achieve his goal of reaching the entire world and becoming the best in their field. Despite facing difficulties earlier, the team seeks to return and regain everything they lost and win future tournaments.

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