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Why High Potency CBD Dosage Is More Effective

There’s a new kind of high potency CBD, and its effectiveness is nothing short of spectacular. Here’s how you can experience CBD in a whole new way.


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The CBD industry is driven by intellectual curiosity. By new and emergent scientific discovery. By a growing shared experience of personal journey. CBD helps support human wellness: mind, body, and spirit. Because we are always learning more and more about the various components in hemp and how they affect and interact with the human body, we can now make them even more potent and effective.

Now, we have the science to do something even more special with CBD.

Using CBD Just Got Better

New higher potency CBD raises the bar for CBD manufacturers everywhere, and cbdMD is leading the charge. Our new high potency CBD products are far superior because we’ve learned how we can utilize the finer components of CBD, increase quality and efficacy, and concentrate that even more in our oils.

So, should you make a switch? Should you try these higher potency forms of CBD? Absolutely. Here’s why.

Superior High Potency CBD

We get new phones every other year. Why? Tech improves. We get newer cars and skincare, go greener with our home care products, and try new forms of protein powder to amp up our health game. We do these things because as technology and science evolve with newer knowledge, products often improve and deliver even greater benefits. The same goes for the CBD industry.

Are the new higher potency CBD products more effective? Yes, they are. You get more bang for your dosage when you take more highly effective formulas.

We’ve learned even more about how your body’s endocannabinoid system works. We’ve learned how to extract CBD and other cannabinoids more effectively and efficiently. We’ve learned how to improve our CBD formulations to make them even more cannabinoid-rich.

All this makes for higher efficacy of the final product.

All this means greater CBD benefits for you, the user. What could be better than greater wellness? Even better sleep? A relaxing sense of calm throughout your day? And now, it’s even more effective because of these superior formulations and concentrations.

Will It Be Too Much for You?

Absolutely not. We know this because of how we understand the endocannabinoid system even more now than ever. We know that your body produces its own endocannabinoids to act as little wellness and homeostasis workers within your body. They support other body systems, tissues, and organs, even the brain. For many people these are insufficiently produced.

We know that the cannabinoids from hemp closely mimic the same behaviors and bodily support that your own natural endocannabinoids do. And we know that the ECS system utilizes hemp cannabinoids like CBD to make sure your body is running smoothly, efficiently, and calmly.

Flushing your system with high potency cannabinoids means that the work is done more efficiently and the body always has the supply it needs to run optimally – from your organs and tissues to the brain and its critical functions. Excess doesn’t affect your body negatively because what’s not needed is simply metabolized.

So, whatever cannabinoids are used by the body, make sure they are of the highest quality and potency for the best results. Also, use them regularly for best results. Consistency is key!

Note: Higher potency does not mean the THC content will be higher than the federal law mandates. It will still be no greater than 0.3% in the final product, only the THC involved will be more effective within your body.

Get the Highest CBD Benefits for Your Money

We all know to buy the best we can afford while balancing that with quality. This way we don’t waste our hard-earned money. The same is true for CBD. Sometimes, you get what you pay for (when you buy the cheaper gas-station CBD oils – ew, just NO). and other times you are paying for the brand name, but not with cbdMD. We refuse to sacrifice quality for cost or to let the consumer pick up the tab for marketing our name. Our focus is on quality and cost-effective CBD wellness for everyone. (Over 21, of course.)

With cbdMD you are paying for quality, the most advanced science, and the most cost-effective products on the market. With this new higher potency CBD, your dollars go farther because your CBD works harder. It’s a wellness lifestyle efficiency upgrade. What could be more exciting than that?

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