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Why Size Matters: CBD Dosage & Potency


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CBD is a really tiny molecule that packs a huge wellness punch. This we know. 

But how, exactly, do higher potency formulas work? Are these new higher potency CBD formulas better in terms of dosing and daily use? Let’s take a look at how these new formulas compare to the CBD you’ve been using and see how those more potent formulas may make your dosing simpler.

And we all agree – easier is better, right? Easier and more effective at the same time? Excellent! Finally, high strength formulas that get the job done while being the most cost-effective way to get daily CBD wellness.

How Potency Affects Your CBD Experience

Higher potency is important because it affects how much CBD you need to take and how effectively that CBD formulation will work for you. Imagine you could take less CBD oil and still get the same results. Imagine how that affects your out-of-pocket costs, as well. Higher potency means that your CBD and other cannabinoids are at their peak effectiveness with greater concentrations from cleaner and more efficient extraction and formulation.

When you purchase a CBD oil you want to get the most out of your oils without having to simply take more and more of them. Higher potency gives you this option.

How Potency Affects Your CBD Dosing

Typically, when you take CBD oils, you start out slow and then work your way up to the dosage that is most effective for you. Purchasing a higher potency formula means that you can reach this threshold of optimum performance with the smallest amount of CBD oil necessary. This means your daily dosing may not be as much because it simply works better. 

For the high potency formulas, it works the same way as other CBD formulations, only with a higher level of strength and effectiveness. They’re still the same gentle formulas with the same gentle wellness molecules, only better.

Getting the Most Out of New High Strength CBD

Whatever version of CBD you choose to use – the baseline broad spectrum, the full spectrum with a wider hemp plant profile and THC, the Delta 9 THC super-relaxing options, or high strength CBD formulas – you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to amplify all of your CBD’s effects.

1. If you don’t start out the right way, you’ll likely feel less impressed with CBD. Getting started on CBD is strategic and takes a little time because you have to slowly build your body’s CBD levels and then maintain them.

Start off by taking a smaller dosage than the 1 mL recommendation of a full dose of CBD oil. Work your way up to the full dose over the course of a month, watching your body and mind’s progress as you go. It takes time for this, but it’s the way to read your body’s cues and know if you’ll need a stronger dosage.

2. If you don’t stick with it and take it regularly, once in the morning and once at night, your body will go through ups and downs in energy levels and consistency of CBD. Regularity is key to getting the dosage right and reaching the perfect homeostatic balance your body needs.

Some people find this is easier when using high strength CBD because those powerful tiny molecules can work more efficiently. This means your body may reach that balanced wellness much more easily than with other formulations.

What CBD Does Better Than Ever

It may sound cliché, but CBD is better than ever with these new, more concentrated high-strength formulas. CBD use is simplified, easier to manage, and more impactful than ever thanks to all the progress we’ve made on our formulations. We’ve learned how to do it better – so CBD can serve your wellness life even better! 

Now, wellness is as easy as one dose in the morning, one dose at night. Better potency = better results. And we think that’s the best of both worlds!

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