‘Breaking’ Banks on Tragic True Vet Story

Boyega’s richly physical performance overwhelms any narrative missteps.


The heart-wrenching drama Breaking features a moving performance by John Boyega as an Iraq War vet named Brian Brown-Easley, driven to a desperate act. As Chuck Wilson points out in his review, the film also includes fine acting by the late Michael K. Williams as the police negotiator trying to save Brown-Easley, a former Marine Corp lance corporal, after he walked into a Wells Fargo bank in an Atlanta suburb in July 2017 and handed the teller a note stating that he had a bomb in his backpack. Wilson writes, “Easley is not interested in cash from the teller’s drawer or loot from the vault. Instead, he demands a wire transfer into his Wells Fargo account from the Veterans Administration to cover a disability check derailed by red tape that the impoverished 33-year-old feels (with his entire being) is rightfully owed him. The amount? $892.34.”

The performances are strong and, as Wilson notes, the subject gets to the heart of many a vet’s dilemmas: “When you’re poor in America, you walk and walk, often right next to the freeway, and you never stop worrying about being able to put extra minutes on your phone.”

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