Top 3 Sites to Buy Instagram Likes + Go Viral!


Many people have noticed that some pages with a high amount of Instagram followers do not have the likes to match the follower count. The main reason for this is that many pages have started investing in Instagram follower services without thinking about their interactions on each post. Having 200k followers but only 500 likes seems a bit sketchy, right? 

Well, we have found a suitable solution to this problem by conducting research into the BEST services for Instagram likes! 

Having a sufficient amount of likes on each Instagram post is vital as this can boost your credibility as a business owner or an influencer. 

With Instagram’s ability to reach millions of users around the United States, having a credible Instagram page can significantly transform how users view your Instagram account; making them more likely to pursue your posts and content. This is why Instagram likes are a very important factor for Instagram pages. So investing in real Instagram like services does not seem like such a silly idea!

We have compiled the 3 BEST Instagram likes services to get your desired credibility. 

In this research, I scrolled and scrolled through Instagram services searching for the most optimal service. I thoroughly checked all of their key features such as:

  • Speed of Instagram likes and follower’s delivery 
  • Quality of followers and likes (are they genuine followers or bot engagement?)
  • Customer service (do they respond quickly?)
  • Reputation (What have previous customers said about them?)
  • Real followers or bot followers
  • Engagement level (How likely do my posts receive likes?)

1.) Superviral

Overall rank of key features:

  • Delivery speed of likes: 8/10
  • Likes Quality: 10/10
  • Customer service: 10/10

After hours of research, we have decided that Superviral is the best and fastest service when it comes to real Instagram likes. Influencers have voted Superviral number 1 for its excellent service in delivering real Instagram likes at an affordable rate.

 Superviral has been around since 2012, dominating all Instagram providers for nearly 10 years! During its reign at the top, Superviral has been mentioned as the best service for US Instagram likes in Forbes, LA Weekly, and The Express!

The proof is in the pudding, this quote is proven correct as Superviral has verified, trustworthy reviews that state their Instagram post engagements have rocketed after using Superviral. This confirms that Superviral does not use cliche bots to boost your account; it uses high-quality, legit accounts instead. So your current followers would not know a thing!  

Superviral guarantees that your likes are delivered MINUTES after your order is confirmed. So, I didn’t have to worry about delivery issues. Another common fear with users when purchasing Instagram likes is their privacy. Unlike other Instagram services, Superviral didn’t ask for my Instagram password. The established company respects their customer’s privacy, therefore you would not lose any sleep over potential hackers!

It also provides other services which can significantly boost your Instagram account’s popularity, such as purchasing Instagram story views and followers. These options will also boost your Instagram account into stardom and make you the next influencer/ massive brand owner. 

Superviral has been used by various major influencers such as popular Netflix stars, prestigious Youtube stars, and leading makeup influencers. If your favorite influencers use Superviral to boost their engagement, why can’t I? 

So in conclusion, Superviral hits home on all the key features that I was looking for when it came to these services. 


Overall rank of key features:

  • Delivery speed of likes: 7/10
  • Likes Quality: 7/10
  • Customer service: 8/10

Twicsy is an Instagram like service which is worthy of its second place. With its cheap and affordable like packages, Twicsy also allows customers to freely contact them whenever faced with a possible issue. Their excellent customer service allows for problems to be solved imminently. Payment can be made with safe methods such as debit cards, PayPal, or by credit cards. They also have a refund policy, where users can refund and get their money back within the first 30 days! This shows they are dependable as they will guarantee your money back if not satisfied within the first 30 days.

Twicsy is a reputable brand that offers a satisfactory service with Instagram likes. It’s been mentioned in numerous articles such as US Mag, Men’s Journal, and Washington City Paper. In these articles, it is often described as one of the best services for Instagram likes and followers. With its high status, Twicsy offers Instagram accounts that will not only like your desired posts but will also view your stories, like future posts, and engage with other ways on your account. These premium followers are one of their unique qualities, making them stand out compared to other services.

Twicsy provides legitimate followers and likes. Instagram would not ban your account if you purchased this service. So you do not need to worry about a cop showing up at your front door! Many Instagram influencers have used Twicsy to build up their Instagram profile, so don’t feel ashamed when purchasing followers or likes as these will build up your brand as an influencer, showing you are recognizable. This leads to paid promotions and collaborations helping you build a name for yourself!

Therefore, consider buying Instagram likes from Twicsy as they are proven to be a distinguished and esteemed business that does provide genuine likes and followers.

3.) Buzzoid

Overall rank of key features:

  • Delivery speed of likes: 6/10
  • Likes Quality: 7/10
  • Customer service: 6/10

Buzzoid is an Instagram like and follower service which is best for accounts with already an established following. It is not recommended for brand new pages but is a sufficient option for established Instagram profiles. Deals such as $6.99 for 500 likes and $12.99 for 1000 likes make Buzzoid an accessible service. It has unique, low-priced packages that intrigue customers, including video views when you successfully purchase Instagram likes. 

With an effortless sign-up page, checkout has never been easier. You will be able to purchase likes with no hesitation as they have a secure checkout. Most of their reviews state how simple it is to checkout and how effortless it seamed. They did not even notice they had finished the checkout process! That’s how smooth the process is reported to be! So no need to fret, easily sign up with Buzzoid and purchase cheap Instagram likes and followers.

Aren’t willing to spend money on these services without being guaranteed good service? Buzzoid offers a special free trial for their Instagram likes. All you need to do is sign up and test their service. Once you have signed up, they will offer you 50 likes for whichever post you prefer for likes to be delivered to. It’s as simple as that. This free trial lets you decide if you are satisfied with their service and it’s totally up to you if you would like to continue using their services!

Bonus Tip: Tikoid

Nowadays, Gen Z is leaning more towards TikTok. TikTok is a brand new way where influencers have magically been catapulted towards stardom. New cemented celebrities have been birthed from TikTok such as Charli D’amelio, Khaby Lame, Addison Rae, and many more. 

Want to become the next Megastar? Tikoid offers real TikTok followers for insanely low prices. Buying TikTok followers can ensure your status will automatically be boosted. Nothing compares to the feeling of when your TikTok follower count immediately increases!

Want the next big viral video? Tikoid also offers affordable and authentic TikTok likes at whichever video you feel deserve to become the week’s meme! If the likes on your TikTok video are at a bigger count, users will feel inclined to also give it a like and visit your account! 

So what happens when you decide to purchase TikTok likes? Boom. They begin to roll in. Most influencers can’t explain the incredible feeling.

Wrapping it up

In summary, I think the best option for buying cheap Instagram likes belongs to Superviral. This established company has been around since 2012, showcasing that users have depended on this service for a decade. 

The other mentioned websites are also creditable but do not possess the same important features Superviral owns. Do you want to become the next big name in the industry, start by growing your brand by purchasing Instagram likes!

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