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Avant Garden Bistro Delivers Vegetables in “All Their Beauty and Complexity”

Founder Ravi DeRossi has taken his East Village vision west.


Headquartered in the  East Village, Overthrow Hospitality is a mission-driven, plant-based restaurant and bar group. With its motto “Eat. Drink. Start a Revolution,” it advocates for the ethical treatment of all living beings in restaurants, bars, and beyond. 

Founded and led by Ravi DeRossi, a 16-year veteran of the industry and a former abstract artist, it is reimagining how New Yorkers eat, drink, and socialize through inclusivity, sustainability, and compassion. DeRossi told interviewer Michele Stueven, “What draws me to vegetables is extremely difficult to explain. If canvas and oil paint did not exist and I told a group of artists I just invented these products, well, the art world would go crazy. That’s how I feel about vegetables, like they were just invented in all their beauty and complexity. We set out to make each individual vegetable become the best version of itself. For generations, vegetables have been shoved to the side, never taken seriously, just something that you must eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. We want to change the narrative and put the often forgotten vegetable at the center of your plate, much like Jan van Eyck did with oil paint.”

DeRossi, a 2022 James Beard Award nominee for Outstanding Restaurateur, is also a co-founder of the  East Village drinks shrine, Death & Company. The group’s venues include Amor y Amargo, Avant Garden, Cadence, Café de L’Enfer, Etérea, Proletariat, Spritz, and Soda Club.

DeRossi has ventured west and recently opened the Avant Garden Bistro on Melrose Avenue in the heart of West Hollywood. Stueven took a look inside the new French cabaret-inspired hideaway and you can read her full feature here. —VV editors


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