‘Ticket to Paradise’ Takes a Flight to Nowhere

This romcom grumbles when it should be grinning.


In his review of Ticket to Paradise, which stars the continuously dapper George Clooney and Oscar winner Julia Roberts, Chad Burns writes, “Some movies merely exist to remind us of better ones from the past.” Directed and co-written by Ol Parker, Ticket is an “unabashed throwback to the romantic comedies of the ’90s and early 2000s, a genre that has sadly become extinct.” Burns also notes that the “plot is borderline absurd but like the romcoms from yesteryear, Parker and co-writer Daniel Pipski aren’t interested in realistic characters as much as basking in the glow of old-school romance, screwball comedy, and the folly of human frailty. You’ve seen it before, but you haven’t seen it lately. It’s become apparent that human-interest stories, whether comedic or dramatic, have been crushed like cigarette butts under the heel of the studio system. It’d be great if this one reignites their interest, but it’s highly doubtful.”

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