RIP DH Peligro

Remembering the drummer of a seminal punk band.


Upon receiving news of the passing of D.H. Peligro this past Friday, October 28, music critic Brett Callwood reprinted a 2018 interview he’d conducted with the Dead Kennedys’ drummer:

To know D.H. Peligro is to like him. The St. Louis native with the warm voice has an infectious smile and the sort of easygoing vibe that’s incredibly easy to be around. He’s also dripping in humility; there’s nothing about Peligro that instantly betrays the fact that he has a more-than-impressive punk rock pedigree.

Peligro, 58, is the drummer with Bay Area punk legends The Dead Kennedys, as he has been since their 1981 EP In God We Trust. Incendiary debut album Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables is the only DKs album Peligro isn’t on, though very soon after joining the band, he made those early tracks his own.

Click here to read Callwood’s full remembrance of the punk legend and to check out some DK videos.VV editors



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