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Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2023


1. Chance Welton

Over $50,000,000 in high ticket sales in 2.5 years from cold traffic alone. Chance & Abdul have cracked the directly paid traffic code. Chance was a broke hippie, and Abdul was bummed out by the status quo. They both knew they were destined for way bigger things. When they met, both had just arrived in the online space and successfully started 7 Figure Agencies (only back then, there were no funnels and software made for our business model, they built it all from scratch. When they decided to create MM, it was because they felt a deep calling to help others change their lives the way each of them did on their own. Chance & Abdul knew it was possible, and even more so, they knew they could do it better than anyone out there – because they care. Chance and Abdul have been mentoring entrepreneurs since 2015, coaching over 20,000 students from all over the world. Creating one of the leading educational platforms on the planet. They have built three softwares for their community to land clients on autopilot, optimize ads, and automate an entire online business. And this is only the beginning.

IG: Chance_welton

Tiktok: chancewelton

2. Tara Mackey

Tara Mackey is a multi-faceted woman adept in many sectors. She is the CEO of The Organic Life, a thriving holistic and sustainable living platform, a prominent activist, and a highly respected and accomplished recording artist and scientist. In addition to her long list of successes, Tara is the #1 bestselling author of Cured by nature and WILD Habits. She founded her company Genetix out of necessity and a need she also shared. Like many women, she says she desired a larger chest size, but surgery and chemical-laden creams were out of the question. Tara sought a solution that would create long-term yet gentle results for the body while being 100% organic. And as a result of her relentless work ethic and genuine desire to help women across the globe, She was able to produce her own solution with superfoods! After years of outstanding results and thousands of testimonials, her products are now available at Walmart. To learn more about Tara Mackey, visit

IG – @taraamackey

3. DJ Bander

Zachary Kern-Schnall, better known as DJ Bander, is a multi-millionaire investor and entrepreneur whose success spans the industries of commercial real estate and music industry by being a four-time top 100 iTunes charting music producer with over a million streams annually accrued as well as becoming a well rounded digital marketing and social media expert. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, now based in Los Angeles, his private capital management group alone has over $7.5 million under management and his label and marketing firm, Bander Productions, is on track to secure a $10 million dollar valuation by the end of this fiscal year. Proudly servicing clients of all backgrounds, from artists, corporations, nonprofits, podcasts and others, his efforts have been recognized by Yahoo Finance, Market Watch and Business Insider. Still, only in his 30s, it’s very clear that DJ Bander is a unique type of versatile businessman and talented creative that the modern entrepreneurial world has not seen in quite some time.

IG @DJBander

4. Eric Dounn

Eric Dounn is a young, focused entrepreneur who is driven and highly motivated. His competitive nature has him doing whatever it takes on a daily basis just to WIN in anything he does. As an owner of multiple businesses, Eric embraces the challenges that come with it every day. There is never a dull moment with Dounn while being a part owner of 2 nightclubs, 1 bar, an e-commerce sporting/memorabilia store and a boutique sports and entertainment agency, along with owning two income properties. Eric can honestly say he loves what he does. There is still so much more Eric believes he can do, as his full potential hasn’t been reached. The future is exciting as he inquires about different business ventures and ultimately gets more deals Dounn. #DounnDeal

IG @eric_dounn

Twitter @Eric_Dounn

5. Bobby & Jennifer Kim

Bobby Kim- CEO of 1st Choice Credit. Bobby Kim is a self-made entrepreneur who is highly respected and publicly admired worldwide. The family is from South Korea. He was born in Detroit, MI but raised in Tampa, Fl. He has 20+ yrs in the Direct Sales, Business and Finance industries. He saw that there were too many people in our country that lacked Financial Literacy and were never taught about credit! He went into the Credit Restoration industry back in 2017 and worked as an independent contractor for a big company with the intention of helping and serving as many people as possible. But there’s only so much he can do when you don’t have control over how the business is run. After five years, he learned the ins and outs of the credit industry. So, he and his wife decided to step out on faith and start their own company with the integrity to really serve and educate their clients and put them in a better financial position with better credit. Jennifer Kim is a French & Haitian woman who is also CEO of 1st Choice Credit and also owns an online clothing business called Jenskloset. She has over eight years of retail and management experience. She is also a BLS instructor and is always willing to help individuals grow mentally and physically out of their comfort zone and put them in a better position financially. They’ve spoken on stage in front of thousands, teaching clients and others how to maintain good credit & establish good relationships with lenders. Helping others get lower interest rates and $0 down payments, qualify for better options, getting approved for higher limits, and have more buying power. Bobby & Jennifer Kim bring intellect, talent, credibility, energy, financial success, and dream vision to various enterprises, earning the highest ownership-to-awards ratio. As a power couple, they serve God and put him first in every situation because without him, they would not be able to serve others, and we will forever be grateful for all of the blessings that come our way and for helping others. They are here to serve and honor those who want to help themselves be in a better situation and get into their dream cars and homes.

FB –

IG – @OfficialBobbyKim / IG – @jenbabyy_0

LinkedIn –

6. Joey Pimentel

Joey Pimentel is a serial entrepreneur and a day trading educator for one of the biggest trading academies in the world! Pimentel was born in Venezuela and later moved to New York, where he began his entrepreneurial journey in direct sales. Since then, he has become a staple in the industry, with a successful track record of building massive teams of entrepreneurs. His success allowed him to learn and become an expert in the day trading space. Now traveling around the world, he educates and empowers thousands of individuals about the power of trading and investing in the financial markets. For the last ten years, Pimentel has continued to expand his businesses around the world and inspire others to learn the skills needed to create generational wealth. He now resides in Miami and continues to focus on financial empowerment and building a solid foundation for the next wave of entrepreneurs.

IG –

7. Althea Robotham

“If you feel your desire from within, it will become the force that moves you.” These are the words lived every day by Althea Robotham, the CEO of the fashion brand Rekanize. Endless perseverance, a strong shield against naysayers, and determination to reach unforeseen levels are a few of the characteristics she has learned growing up in Brooklyn, NY. Rekanize is a luxury streetwear fashion brand that provides clothing, handmade footwear, custom accessories, and soon-to-be-released collectible statuettes. The brand embodies the notion of power, courage, and self-reliance within every human being, believed to be embedded inside your inner wolf. Their motto, “Rekanize your truth.” encourages people to tap into their inner wolf and bring their dreams to fruition. She breathes unity and therefore strives to help small business owners reach their goals. She has been featured on NBC, Enter Hollywood, Boston Herald, and NY Style magazine.


IG, FB, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter = @rekanizebrand

8. Mike Curry

Mike Curry is the President and founder of The Valiant Insurance Group, a Life & Health Insurance brokerage based out of Charlotte, NC. Mike, a former Appliance Service Professional, joined the industry just shy of 2 years ago with the vision of growing an army of ELITE sales professionals with one thing in mind, serving families! The Valiant Insurance Group will place more than 2 million dollars of Issue Paid Life volume by the end of 2022. Powered by Family First Life; The Valiant Insurance Group has no plans of slowing down! Mike is a Hall of Fame Insurance producer and is actively teaching and training new agents who want to follow in his path. Look for this agency to double in 2023!

IG – @mikecurry_ffl / @fflvaliant/

9. Sean Raymond

Sean helps people make money online through advertising. With Instagram being his main social platform, he certainly has his finger on the pulse when it comes to market trends & achieving success for customers! Having started early at age 16, Sean has devoted his career to serving those looking to improve their lives and make some money, whether that be a simple, quick, & easy side hustle or a fulfilling & lucrative full-time gig online! No doubt we’ll be seeing more of him in 2023, as his offers always hit the market hot! When asked about his business principles, Sean said: “The main focus of everything I do is results. You have to get results for customers first, then everything else will come.” Stay tuned on Instagram (@seanraymondm) for more out of him!

IG – @seanraymondm

10. Garrett Mandigo

Garrett is 28 years old; his background is in fitness, and he is a competitive bodybuilder and aspiring amateur boxer. This led me into the only “real job” I ever had, corporate gym management, starting at Golds Gym and hopping around for several years. Although I had great success, I knew the rat race was unfulfilling for my soul, so I made the jump out into entrepreneurship. I moved to Los Angeles in 2018 with no money in my pocket, but I was quickly able to put my sales and marketing expertise to work in the cannabis space, which helped me elevate as an entrepreneur. This led to the creation of my marketing agency, Disrupt Media Group, which now specializes in lead generation and digital marketing for service-based businesses. Including recently starting our solar company, SunLove Solar. I’m Obsessed with personal development; I love to read. Over 50 books in the last year. This is what fuels my fire for excellence in everything I do, and striving to not only give the best service to others but the best version of myself in order to help bring out the best version of themselves.

IG – @realgmoneybaby

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