6 Weird Cat Behaviors Decoded


Cats are some of the strangest pets people have ever owned, and we love them for that. If there is one thing these pets are known for, it is their weird cat behaviors. As quirky as it may seem, there is actually a meaning behind why cats behave a certain way. 

Are weird cat behaviors normal? 

To make things easier to understand, there are two types of cat behavior: normal and abnormal. 

While seeing weird cat behaviors like zoomies, knocking things over, or chirping are quite normal, other behaviors are not. 

For instance, if you see changes in their appetite, they sleep too much, they hide a lot more often, or they start to pee or poop outside of their litter boxes, it may be time to be concerned. 

1. Kneading 

When adult cats start to make biscuits (kneading), this is a sign that they are happy. Most cat experts believe that kneading comes from kittenhood. It is done to stimulate the release of milk from the mother cat. 

So if your cat is kneading on you, it feels happy and safe in your presence. Plus, there is a possibility that it sees you as a mother figure! 

The aforementioned kneading is done by the front paws; as for the rear ones, the meaning differs. 

When the hind paws of a cat knead, it means that they are preparing to launch themselves for an attack. 

Hind paw kneading can also be seen before and after cats mate. 

2. Winking 

Every cat owner has witnessed the slow blink, which represents the special connection between a human and a cat. 

When your feline friend stares back at you intently and blinks slowly, it is their way of saying they feel happy around you and that they love you. 

Winking or blinking can also mean other things. When your cat blinks too much, almost in a jerking manner, that means that they are feeling discomfort in their eyes. 

Most likely, your cat has some kind of eye infection. 

Once you notice this behavior happening often, take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. 

3. Chirping 

Also known as chattering, cats do this weird behavior when something catches their attention or in their frustration at not being able to catch their prey. 

Cat behaviorists speculate that felines do this behavior in preparation for a kill. As cats stalk their prey, they chirp before making the pounce. 

4. Stink face 

This list of weird cat behaviors would be incomplete without mentioning our feline friends’ most hilarious facial expression, the stinky face!

A domestic cat has 30 receptors, and one way for them to identify the various smells around them is by doing a flehman response

Another interesting fact about a cat’s stink face is that it occurs a lot more in male cats! Male cats also do flehming in relation to mating. 

It is a way for them to find out if they are compatible with a female or not. 

5. Preference of sleeping in tight places  

Have you ever felt frustrated at the fact that you bought your cat a big, spacious bed but then they chose to sleep inside one of the small boxes lying around in your house?

The reason why is because cats love to stay in small spaces since it makes them feel safe and secure.

Cats do not expose their bellies in the wild because doing so would make it simple for predators to access their vital organs. 

Domestic cats have this in their genes, which is why it is automatic for them to curl up in small spaces. 

6. Sitting in their litter boxes

The same reason cats love to hang out in tight spots is the same reason cats love to sit in their litterboxes; however, there is a catch. 

When cats decide to lie on their toilets, it can only be due to one of two reasons: behavioral or medical. 

There are several reasons why your cat may be tied to your litterbox. They could experience urinary tract infections, bladder blockages, diarrhea, or constipation due to medical conditions. 

Regarding behavior, cats often feel the need to retreat to their litter boxes during tense circumstances. They choose their toilets because they are familiar with the scent (it is their own scent after all!)

Cats can be strange, scary, crazy loving companions — sometimes displaying multiple personalities at the same time. We love these purry friends for their character and the joy they bring to our lives.

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