Best Male Sex Toys and Male Masturbators To Ring in 2023 The Right Way


Being single is fun and all that…until you realize you have needs that need urgent addressing.

On occasion, a quick go with the ol’ sock could do the trick to restore some zen in your pants. But honestly, it gets boring after so many…years.

To help you change up your routine, we dive into the 13 best sex toys for men in 2023. 

Enhancing your experience is just one cock ring away, and it’s never been so fulfilling.

Best Sex Toys for Men

1. Lovense Max 2 – Best Male Sexy Toy Overall

Best Features

  • App-controlled
  • Multiple sensation 360° sleeves
  • $99

The Lovense Max 2 remains to be a massive hit under the vibrating masturbation sleeves category. 

Its 9-inch sleeve with 360° contraction takes care of even the largest guys. This sex toy also comes with an air hole at the top to help you control the sleeve suction and determine how tight or loose you want the grip to be.

You can also purchase the vagina sleeve sold separately if you want more variety. It has unique sensations but is not transparent like the standard issue included in the package. 

Here’s the best part…

The Max 2 model is app-enabled, meaning you can now get intimate with your far-away partner if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

Max 2 also detects and syncs with other Lovense toys like the Nora and reacts to their movements/patterns. This means you and your partner can vibe together from separate rooms and share reciprocating sensations.

Now, this particular sleeve isn’t the prettiest, but using the Lovense App will give you countless vibrations and contraction settings – enough to satisfy your wildest urges and desires.

For $99, the Lovense Max 2 is one to buy without blinking.

2. Autoblow AI – Best Automatic Blowjob Sex Toy

Best Features

  • Fully-automated stimulation
  • Interchangeable sleeves
  • $299.95

If blowjobs are your thing, then the Autoblow AI will definitely blow you away. It is an automated blowjob machine that pleasures you with some of the most satisfying oral experiences recreated by an award-winning artificial intelligence.

It’s a simple slip-on sex toy that will get you as close to the real deal as possible using real-life techniques and an adjustable grip.

Thanks to its powerful, heavy-duty motor, it can deliver many sensations, from teasing to intense slurpy strokes. What’s more, it’s now modified to be quiet and discreet, so you don’t have to worry about getting found out in the middle of a sesh.

The Autoblow AI also uses interchangeable silicone sleeves inside its plastic exterior to cater to all lengths and girths—a definite bang for the buck.

Even better, this male masturbator doesn’t run out of juice because it has a built-in wire and plug that draws power from the socket. 

This doesn’t make it the best traveling companion, but at least you can last for as long as you want without worrying about getting cut off by drained batteries.

The Autoblow AI also lets you download blow job presets from other hedonists via the Autoblow app. You can select and load these settings onto your unit next time you’re in the mood for some experimenting.

Clearly, the peeps over at Autoblow AI outdid themselves and I think that the $239.95 tag is a steal. I’d take advantage of this and head straight to the Autoblow.

3. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice – Oral Simulator Male Sex Toy

Best Features

  • Three-point insertion
  • 8.5” insertable length
  • $69.95

The Fleshlight Turbo Blue Ice offers you a satisfying and unique alternative to blowjobs at the palm of your hand.

This handheld thruster is designed with three insertion points that grip and deliver three different sensations during insertion.

Complete with a non-anatomical orifice, the premium sleeve is molded in a unique texture that delivers spine-tingling sensations on your glans or shaft if you like deep-throating stimulations.

Tickled your fancy?

This male stroker measures 9.75 inches and is insertable up to 8.5 inches to accommodate every well-endowed fellow out there.

Also, its clear Turbo case gives you a bird’s eye view of the action going on inside for those of us who get a kick from real-time feedback. And since this baby doesn’t run on power, you can whip it out any time and play because you only need your hands.

We love Fleshlight for producing quality toys at affordable prices and we think that the $69.95 tag on the Turbo stroker is a deal worth checking out. Go straight to the Fleshlight here.

4. Lovense Gush – Best Glans Vibrating Sex Toy

Best Features

  • Light and travel-safe
  • Powerful vibrations
  • $99

With the Gush glans vibrator, size is a thing of the past since it has been designed as a cool one-size-fits-all masturbation aid. This vibrating massager is perfectly designed to stretch out so it can be adjusted to fit various girths.

Made from body-safe silicone, Gush is soft and smooth and delivers mind-blowing pulses from its skin-like body cover. 

Don’t be too quick to underestimate this small, vibrating head… 

Behind curtains is a badass motor that treats you to very powerful vibrations, just what you need for a perfect, hands-free solo play orgasm. If tight grips get you going, you can strap in the optional rubber band over the glans sex toy and get that extra level of tightness.


Gush is entirely waterproof, meaning you can get down with it in the showers or the tub without breaking down. It’s also light and quiet, making it a better travel companion than the Autoblow AI.

Check out the Lovense Gush by clicking here.

5. Lovehoney Bionic Bullet – Vibrating Cock Ring for Couples Play

Best Features

  • Two-in-one sex toy
  • Super-stretchy, double cock rings
  • $29

The bionic bullet is the best vibrating cock ring + bullet combo. It comes with a stretchy double-ring rubber at the base that accommodates variable girths and offers the right amount of grip around your shaft.

Unlike other cock rings, its double rings keep your member firmly erect as the removable bullet vibrator on top sends glorious vibrations onto your partner’s clitoris for added pleasure.

This vibrating cock ring is just what you need to have rock-stone erections and train from premature ejaculation. And despite its small size, this cock ring has enough room left for your balls to hang comfortably once you slip it on.

There’s a removable bullet vibrator which you can use as, let’s say, a separate anal sex toy or whatever else comes to your mind.

You can get your hands on this small marvel for $29. Just ensure that you use generous amounts of water-based lube to get the most comfort.

Visit the Bionic here

6. Fleshlight Go Torque – Most Portable Sleeve Malesex Toy

Best Features

  • Light and compact
  • 7” insertable length
  • $59.95

Fleshlight Go Torque is one of the most compact and portable masturbation sleeves thanks to its snug size and lightweight. Yes, it’ll easily make the luggage limit when you travel. 

It’s also a very discreet little beast since it has no motor or many moving parts inside. You can use it quietly and privately in your hotel room without waking other guests.

There’s a single-handed grip that gives you total control of your stimulation, stroking speed, grip, and intensity.

Like other Fleshlight masturbation sleeves, the Go is also made from the patented SuperSkin™ Sleeve. It’s soft, smooth and has multiple textures that deliver life-like sensations when stroking – taking your imagination for a ride every time you slip it on.

It also has a clear sleeve like the Turbo Thrust that lets you observe the game as the derby continues.

The Torque has a 7-inch insertable length, giving you enough room to work with (assuming you’re somewhere between average or exceptionally hung).

Experience one of the most memorable orgasms using the Go Torque – found here.

7. Lovense Calor – Top Heatable Male Masturbator

Best Features

  • Sleeve-heating enabled
  • 10 programmable vibration patterns
  • $109.00 (current offer)

The Calor is the new male masturbator on the Lovense shelf, with a few more tricks up its sleeve compared to the Max 2. 

So, what makes this new kid on the block better?

Among the new surprises is an in-built heating mechanism that makes the internal sleeve of the Calor toasty warm. This is a genius fix for the winter, but it’s totally optional, so you can switch it on or leave it turned off if your dong’s hot enough.

Get your hands on the Calor vibrating massager and feel just how soft and squeezable its silicone cover is. A light grip around the casing, and you’ll feel the body adjust to your grip for optimum control. 

The interior also gives way cleverly upon penetration so you can control how much pressure you want without any additional technical parts.

And just when you thought you’d seen it all…

The toy comes fitted with a smart depth sensor that intensifies the vibrations the deeper and harder you go in. 

This also makes it light enough to travel with, and it includes a nice baggie to put in. An added bonus is the waterproof nature, so you can dive into the tub and take your new friend with you.

You can also use the Lovense app as an alternative remote control and explore unlimited vibe patterns at your fingertips. 

Check out the Lovense Calor by clicking here.

8. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage – Oral Sex Toy for Men

Best Features

  • Open-ended
  • Cool, wavy texture 
  • $34.95

The Quickshot Vantage is an oral sex masturbating aid for blowjob enthusiasts, with a twist that will blow your mind. This handy blowjob assistant is half the size of most Fleshlights and has duo-openings located at every end of the stroker. 

This means you can use it solo or as a blowjob supplement and let your partner give you head while stroking the Vantage along your shaft.

It’s hard to miss the sleeve’s unique interior mold, a circular wave-like texture that is soft enough to produce the desired tongue-like stimulation.

Thankfully, the Vantage is not limited to any length due to its open ends. Just slip it on and watch your sword drive through to the other side without any resistance. 

Once you’ve had your fun, slip the sleeve out of its case, rinse it with warm water and soap or cleaning liquid, and let it dry out.

Get a piece of this sensual, wavy experience at a best-buy offer of only $34.95, click here to see the Fleshlight Quickshot up close and personal.

9. FUN FACTORY X Lovehoney Cobra Libre II – Best Hands-Free Male Sex Toy

Best Features

  • Hands-free stimulation
  • Powerful dual motors
  • $129.99

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre II male sex toy is your go-to, hands-free masturbator if you only want to serve the tip.

This glans vibrating massager is open on one side with a 3.5-inch insertable sleeve. Once you snuggle your glans inside, it rumbles your head away to a strong climax without any manual input.

It comes with two rumbling motors, which are intended for dual use. Your partner can grind on you with the toy and stimulate themselves as part of your foreplay routine.

Besides being travel-sized, the Cobra Libre II is equipped with a travel lock, so it doesn’t get knocked in your bag and accidentally set off during your journey.

How embarrassing…

It’s also waterproof and rechargeable, so you can pull it out on a full charge and get multiple orgasms before filling her up with power again.

So, does a hands-free climax sound tempting to you? If yes, then you better check out Libre II’s best offer while the units still last.

10. Kiiroo Hot Octopus Pulse Solo – Wireless Blowjob Sex Toy for Men

Top Features

  • Waterproof
  • Hands-free pulsating tech
  • $179.99

With the interactive Kiiro Hot Octopus Pulse Solo, you’ll be shooting load after load without flicking a single stroke. Also known as the Guybrator™, this comfy toy holds itself in place on your peen’s head with its soft silicone wings that pan out on both sides.

It is armed with a vibrant pulsating motor that throbs up and down your sweet spot, so you can just lie back and wait for the climax to kick in.

The fun doesn’t end there…

Like other premium adult toys in this list, the Hot Octopus also connects to Kiiro’s FeelConnect App, which you can use as a remote control to give you countless modes and vibration patterns. 

So, what makes it different from other app-controlled devices?

Well, with the Octopus, you can sync with your favorite 2D or Virtual Reality videos and enjoy the same action as the actors. Also, the Octopus’s exterior is made of silicone, making it 100% waterproof. 

This means you can transform your ordinary shower into a fun-filled, $179.99 orgasm-inducing shower. Think I’m yanking your pants? Head straight to the Kiiroo by clicking here.

11. Aneros Helix Syn V Prostate Massager – Best Malesex Toy for Prostate Play

Best Features

  • Powerful prostate pulsations
  • 8 patterns & 4-speed settings
  • $99.95

The Aneros’s Helix Syn™ V is the ultimate prostate toy focusing more on responsiveness to your body movements while drilling orgasmic vibrations to your p-spot. 

This anal toy has an insertable length of up to 3.5 inches, making it the best prostate massager for pros and beginners of anal play in this lineup.

The Syn V prostate massager is perfectly contoured, with sleek lines of symmetry and a pronounced 0.98-inch head and 1.5-inch arms designed to stimulate you both internally and externally. 

This prostate massager brings robust sensations and gives you options to use it in two modes – powered and unpowered (for manual prostate stimulation).

Fire the base with 8 preset patterns on top of 3 intensity levels and enjoy unparalleled p-spot stimulation from Aneros’s out-of-this-world prostate toy.

If you’re a stickler for fancy, effective anal probes massaging your tank and taint, then grab this amazing candy from Aneros directly from the site.

12. FUN FACTORY Manta – Handheld Stroker Sex Toy for Men

Best Features

  • Amazing grip
  • Flexible wing-like tips
  • $139.99

The Fun Factory Manta makes a superb addition to your bedroom arsenal, offering a good mix of hand-held and automated stimulation.

Thanks to the looped handle and expandable wing-like tips, you’ll love how well it grips your tool. These wingtips make it easier to accommodate all shaft sizes while giving the perfect fit while stroking.

Apart from penetrative sex, you can also get creative and take things a notch higher by using this lovely Manta as a nipple play toy.

Why not try out this seductive beast and see just how much your game has been missing?!

Head straight to the Fun Factory here.

13. Lelo TOR 2 – Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

Best Features

  • Flexible to fit
  • 1.5-hour run time
  • $139.99

The Tor 2 is a unique, rechargeable, vibrating cock ring that improves blood flow and delivers exclusive pleasure and satisfaction during solo and partner play. 

Crafted from soft, smooth, and flexible silicone, this cock ring was designed like a rubber band to fit everyone, no matter the size of their tool.

This vibrating love ring has powerful built-in motors to thrill your solo sessions or your partner’s clit whenever you decide to spice up the foreplay.

With two buttons on the side, you’ll have swift control over the Tor’s gentle purrs, which come in 6 vibration modes, giving you the ultimate stimulation package. 

The best thing about the Tor 2 cock ring is that it is rechargeable and can run for up to 1.5 hours on a single charge.

And all this for $139.99? I’d cart this badass ring faster than Speedy Gonzalez.

What Are The Main Types of Best Sex Toys for Men?

1. Fleshlights & Strokers

These are encased tube-like sleeves made of soft, stretchy material made to upgrade your masturbation experience. They’re also popularly referred to as pocket pussies and are great for edging and building your stamina for the actual session.

The sleeves are specially textured to produce thrilling, pleasurable effects on your peen when you stroke your shaft with them.

You can either get vibrating sleeves or non-electric ones (which are among the cheapest masturbators on the market), depending on your tastes and preferences.

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2. Penis Vibrators

Male penis vibrators are a recent variety of sex toys with powerful vibrating sensations that add more juice to your strokes.

Be it cock rings, butt plugs, blowjob stimulators, glans massagers, or even anal beads, there’s something for everyone (and everything!).

With the help of a little lube, you can customize the vibrations through various presets or customizable patterns, lay back, and wait for the climax.

3. Prostate Massagers

This category of sex toys is your best option if you love anal stimulation.

Most of them work by massaging the male p-spot and the perineum simultaneously. The p-spot is found about 2 inches inside the rectal wall and usually produces lots of sexual pleasure when prodded during anal play.

There are vibrating and non-vibrating anal sex toys here as well. You’ll also find some ingenious creations, such as vibrating anal beads and jeweled butt plugs that add color to the whole experience. 

How’s that for change?

4. Automatic Masturbators

Automatic masturbators, unlike other popular men’s sex toys, come loaded with all the best features to grant you mostly hands-free stimulation at the touch of a button.

They have various setting options, including automated vibrations, pulses, and strokes.

Some have advanced connectivity features that allow you to achieve intimacy with your partner from different parts of the world if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Or if you’re up to enjoy a virtual girlfriend experience with one of the best onlyfans girls.

5. Cock Rings

Cock rings are specially molded rings worn over the penis for solo or couple stimulation. They are known to improve your sex life by improving your erection and maintaining it for extended periods from the enhanced blood flow into your penis.

Most penis rings are made of soft, stretchy material such as silicone, while a select few have vibrating functionality. 

Best Male Sex Toys Near Me in 2023

That was all from me today, lovely gents. I sure hope you won’t leave this space empty-handed but with the perfect sex toy in hand.

If you want the best 360-degree penis stimulation from a premium sex toy, then I’d recommend the Lovense Max 2 male masturbator. And to balance the scale, you could also check out the super, premium Aneros Helix Syn V prostate massager if you’re into it.

That said…remember to lube up with a generous portion before you slide with any toy you choose!

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