3 Easy Homemade Treats for Cats


Similar to store bought dog treats, the cat treats we normally see in groceries are packed with preservatives. So, despite being advertised as treats packed with various vitamins and nutrients, we cannot ignore the way these have been processed, and that will not be healthy for our feline friends. The next best thing to do would be to create homemade treats for cats. 

Easy homemade treats for cats

1. Carrot and catnip cat treats

Cat owners are aware of the effects that catnip has on cats. Catnip has the ability to draw cats, so including these in whipping up your very own homemade cat treats would be highly recommended. 

Next, carrots. What exactly do cats get from carrots? 

When cats consume this vegetable, they will be getting vitamins K1 and B6, fiber, and potassium. These are great for supporting the immune system as well as keeping the eyes and skin healthy. 

When making treats, keep in mind that you should not always rely on carrots because too much of them is bad for a cat’s diet because it can lead to obesity and diabetes.  

If you decide to make a batch of these for your cat, you can access the recipe here

2. Tuna and catnip cat treats 

Almost every homemade treat for cats is recommended to have catnip in it so that owners will not have a hard time feeding their feline companions with the treats they prepare. Catnip would naturally make cats gravitate towards the food, which is why, for this specific treat, catnip is included. 

Additionally, tuna is suggested for this cat treat because it is the most widely accessible and reasonably priced fish on the market. Not all cat owners will be thrilled with the idea that they are feeding their cats a $12 fish like salmon, so tuna would be your best bet. 

Due to its high protein, carbohydrate, and omega-3 content, tuna is good for cats. What cats will get out of eating tuna is healthier skin and coat, which will aid them with allergies, skin diseases, and arthritis. 

You may access the recipe here

3. Hairball control cat treats

Hairballs are normal for cats; however, if they release too many of them, it can cause blockage in their intestinal track, and that is the last thing we want for our cats. Luckily, you can make homemade cat treats that can help prevent hairballs from occurring frequently. 

A hairball-control cat treat would contain a key ingredient, which is olive oil. This will help the hairballs easily move down your cat’s digestive track, making them easier to release. 

Your cat will surely love every nibble of this treat since it tastes amazing! Want to try making this cat treat? You can do so by accessing the recipe here

Cats can be finnicky eaters, but these treats are simply irresistible. Best of all, you’re in full control of the healthy, fresh ingredients that go into these homemade treats for cats.

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